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                 04/19/2014 06:32 AM  
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08/03/2001 04:50 PM ID: 9017 Permalink   

Internet Explorer 6.0 Nearly Complete


Microsoft has sent an email to testers of its new browser update, Internet Explorer 6.0, announcing the final beta version before the program goes gold, or final, next week.

"We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your participation in the Beta program," MS told the testers. "In large part thanks to your feedback and input, Internet Explorer 6 will be the best browser in the market."

Despite early rumors that said IE6 would be compatible only with Windows XP, it will be available for all versions of Windows. It will feature updated Explorer bars, a new search feature, and P3P, a way to protect surfers from advertisers' cookies.

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  how about...  
..a "way to protect surfers" from continually having their browser crash every 8 minutes.
  by: hypermedian   08/04/2001 04:16 AM     
  I think they fixed that...  
Now it crashes every 3 minutes in the hands of a newbie, every 10 years in the hands of a microsoft lover (they get 'technical support' bonuses), and never in the hands of a professional (who is impartial to microsoft).
  by: Neo8686   08/04/2001 05:23 AM     
except i think i used to have less trouble when i was a newbie a long time ago, instead of now messing with all sorts of stuff i had no idea bout back then.
seems the more you know, the worse things get, if that's the case, i wish there were no such thing as these infernal contraptions!
  by: hypermedian   08/04/2001 11:23 AM     
  Got to be better ...  
Hope its better than netscape 6 was
  by: sharky   08/04/2001 02:54 PM     
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