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                 02/17/2018 09:58 PM  
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07/21/2011 04:18 PM ID: 90184 Permalink   

New Trend in China: Fake Apple Stores


A 27-year-old blogger from the US said she spotted Apple imitation shops while being in Kunming, China.

The blogger described the store as "a beautiful rip-off - a brilliant one - the best rip-off store we had ever seen (and we see them every day)".

The employees are actually wearing Apple name tags, shirts with the Apple logo and the products on the shelves looked like Apple products.

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  I bet  
They perform better and are 1/10th the price also.

Apple is shit.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     07/21/2011 07:07 PM     
  All made in China.  
  by: captainJane     07/21/2011 09:31 PM     
Let me preface this by saying, I am by no means an Apple fanboy.

A year ago, I was given my first ever Apple device, an Iphone 3g. The phone was far and away the best phone I had ever owned up to that point.

I had previously owned phones manufactured by the following companies - Samsung, Erickson, Sony-Erickson, LG, RIM (Blackberry Curve) and even a Chinese Iphone knockoff (biggest piece of junk I´ve EVER owned).

I do not like the fact that Apple locks the product down so tightly ie. no user replaceable parts and Apple approved software only (fixed by a quick & easy jailbreak). Although, these tight restrictions do help Apple´s main fan base of technologically inept people use their phones with minimal end user errors.

Despite the phone being locked down so tight, it was extremely functional. The phone operated smoothly in everything I threw at it, from making phone calls (obviously) to surfing the web and everything in between.

I have since grown frustrated with AT&T and have dropped my service with them. In an effort to reduce my monthly bills, instead of moving over to Verizon, I decided to go with a much cheaper option (Virgin Mobile). I now am the proud owner of my first Android phone. While I truly like the Android OS, the hardware (Samsung) once again does not hold up to the same standard as my trusty old 3g.

Anyways, in a round about way, I´m trying to say that Apple products are alright. I do agree that they are overpriced though, but probably not 10x as you imply.

[ edited by smarta$$ ]
  by: smarta$$     07/22/2011 07:08 AM     
You´re right about the 3G; it´s awesome. Now I´ve got a digital camera, Flip Video, iPod, voice recorder and Nintendo DS collecting dust because the iPhone does everything they did, in many cases better.

As far as other Apple products, I´m not really into their pricey computers but I defy anybody to name a tablet even equal to the iPad.
  by: Ben_Reilly     07/22/2011 09:17 PM     
Seriously? I hope you were joking hence the ´defy´ part...I can name one right off the top of my head...

the Galaxy S has FLASH! or the newer Google ALSO has FLASH!

for your reading pleasure...

[ edited by Sirez ]
  by: Sirez   07/23/2011 01:39 AM     
  my 2 cents  
This is no surprise at all since China and HK are widely known for black/gray market knockoffs. I talk to a few people in the electronic industry in that area of the world and many of them produce the legitimate product as well as the "clones". Sometimes they use cheaper (doesn´t mean inferior) components but other times it is the exact same parts and they sell an "unofficial legitimate" device.

Android tabs (ESP those with Honeycomb) are going to bring Apple shareholders to tears. Don´t get me wrong -- iDevices are great for some tasks. I have an ipt2g which I always carry with me. The problem is that Apple wants to control what you can and can´t do. So it is essential to jailbreak it if you don´t want to live in a "padded room". The much bigger issue I take with iDevices is the lack of development tools for operating systems other than OSX. I wasn´t going to waste all that money on a shitty paperweight (iMac) so I had to create a Hackintosh from a netbook I had recently acquired. It took dozens of formats and countless hours to set it up to have no KPs and only then I find out my opt won´t be usable as a dev device because of the OS version of it conflicting with the Xcode version. I wasn´t going to enter the dev program and waste more money trying to create apps on the iDevices since the opportunity was fleeting so I gave up on it.

I told that long rant because it is very important to many developers (and the end users too because they get less quality apps). On Android devices users becoming freeer every day to do what THEY want to do on the device they own. Just as important is that the developers can program apps on any desktop OS (or even the device itself!) without having to sign up/pay money or be locked into a very sad sandbox without exceptions. i.e. the "multi-tasking" of iOS4+ devices is extremely laughable. The jailbroken solution that was given two years before was/is much better. Android devices are designed to multi-task (for real) because non-Apple fanboys need to. Also the community is very committed to mods (of the open src code!) to enhance the experience on a particular device or all Android devices.

Sent from treyjazz´s Nook Color with CM7.

  by: treyjazz   07/24/2011 09:57 AM     
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