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                 02/25/2018 12:27 AM  
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07/27/2011 07:02 PM ID: 90259 Permalink   

Largest Tea Party Group Takes on Speaker Boehner, Calling His Debt Plan an "Embarrassment"


The Tea Party Patriots, led by Mark Meckler, are the largest tea-party affiliated organization and take responsibility for the escalating drama over raising the debt ceiling. Meckler has turned on GOP House Speaker John Boehner.

Meckler gives him a "D" on handling the debt crisis and called Boehner´s plan, which proposed $1.4 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years, an "embarrassment," adding, "if you promise something that you have no control over, that´s called a lie."

Meckler warned that Republicans who don´t toe the Tea Party line on economic issues are "going off the rails" and that the Tea Party is considering running primary challengers against them in the next election.

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  The GOP´s had half a year now  
Unemployment has soared since the Republicans took the House back over, and we´re about to tell 54 million senior citizens not to expect their Social Security any more even though they paid into it all their lives.

Meanwhile, we´re still in Afghanistan and Republicans are criticizing President Obama for even modest troop draw-downs.

About the only thing they´ve done since they took over is trying to over-rule the Supreme Court and outlaw abortion.

  by: Ben_Reilly     07/27/2011 07:08 PM     
Right-wing conservative extremists are destroying America.
  by: Lurker     07/27/2011 07:18 PM     
You know the 100 billion bailout they gave to the banks would pay all entitlements for a decade right? We should default, and write off our debts to the big banks.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     07/27/2011 07:31 PM     
The much derided Harry Reid plan was originally proposed to cut $2.7 trillion in the next decade; the CBO crunched the numbers and revised that into the much derided $2.2 trillion figure.

The Boehner plan that called for a smaller spending cut ($1.4 trillion) was also analyzed by the CBO ... and revised down to $850 billion.

Yet the right-wingers are raving only about Reid´s plan and completely ignoring the fact that the Republicans came up with *less* of a spending cut by far.
  by: Ben_Reilly     07/27/2011 08:14 PM     
Quote:The GOP´s had half a year now

Do you honestly think Obama and friends are in some way any better? *LOL*
Obama had 3 years and everything got worse. The only thing Obama did along with the rest of the Dem´s was to stay consistent and blame Bush. After three years that gets a little hard to swallow don´t you think?
Your point about the Rep´s and their time is like someone preaching to the choir. There isn´t one side of the isle that is better or worse then the other. They both suck. When are you going to figure this out?

[ edited by hellblazer ]
  by: hellblazer     07/27/2011 09:07 PM     
There is nonpartisan agreement that the measures taken by the Democrats and Obama (which were highly opposed by Republicans and especially the Tea Party) kept the economy from getting much worse ( )

Why would I want to act as though there´s no difference between a party that prevented a depression and a party that wanted to let it happen?
  by: Ben_Reilly     07/27/2011 09:17 PM     
  Now a days....  
Ben is the only one making sense around here.
  by: incubusphan   07/27/2011 10:35 PM     
  Ben is making sense because....  
you´re an Obamaphan?

The article he cites admits that none of the economists can agree on reliable economic models, and the estimated jobs created range between 600k to 1 million, with a 1 million margin of error....

Brought to you by the same group of political panderers who never saw any of this coming in ´08...

But let´s put all that and every other bit of contradictory evidence aside; if this is such an effective recovery program, why can´t we borrow another trillion from our great grandchildren, and hire half of all unemployed workers to dig trenches, and then hire the other half to fill them in?

If you can´t convincingly answer this question, then here´s a simpler one... why have a debt ceiling? What purpose does it serve, what function is it expected to fulfill?

The differences between Bush and Obama policies are marginal, as with their appointees and advisers. Two wings of the same imperial eagle.

  by: jenkie     07/27/2011 11:26 PM     

LOL. Me likes.

Reid´s plan is a sham. His "savings and cuts" he´s counting comes in when the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan end.

Does anyone see these wars ending anytime soon? Me neither. In essence, he´s counting on events that have not happened. Nothing more than smoke and mirrors from the Liberals.

And don´t listen to Ben. Nobody is trying to make grandma or grandpa go without a SocSec check. The *only* way they won’t receive a check is if Obama purposely chooses to not send a check. Period. SocSec is a $2-trillion+ trust that is not tied in with our discretionary budget. These are all lies and scare tactics being used by Obama and his minion to manipulate the public into putting pressure on Congress to give Obama another blank check.

Despite what Ben and the Dems would have you believe, Aug. 2 is *NOT* the drop-dead date. Mark my words.

But, yes, Tea Partiers and Conservatives were expecting many more spending cuts than are currently being reviewed.

Despite my lack of respect for most Liberals, I´ve always been able to find a lot of respect and common ground with the Blue Dog Democrats --- especially the ones in Tennessee.

Leave it to a Tennesseean to come up with a plan to put some fire to the feet of Congress:

"Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper of Nashville is proposing legislation that would stop salary payment to congressmen if the United States defaults on the national debt, reports the City Paper.

The bill would prohibit members from receiving pay during a default, and would not allow for that pay to be recouped retroactively.

"Failure is not an option," Cooper said in a release. "But, if default occurs, another paycheck for congressmen and senators should not be an option either."

Cooper is a long-time advocate of a bipartisan debt plan that reduces spending, reforms the tax code and puts the nation on a sustainable fiscal path. Cooper has urged to allow a vote on the "Gang of Six" bipartisan proposal that would have reduced the debt by almost $4 trillion over the next 10 years. The proposal has not been voted on."

Sounds like a great plan to me!
  by: carnold     07/28/2011 12:12 AM     
  ^^^^ Bull ^^^^  
  by: ichi     07/28/2011 12:29 AM     
  ^^^^ Cow ^^^^  
  by: carnold     07/28/2011 01:03 AM     
  what is needed  
Message Subject: default (budget or ecomony
Message Text: The government gets enough money to operate already. The government will have enough money to operate after August 2, 2011. All of the shyster-politics regarding this issue of loan payment default is nothing more than the usual smokey mirror game in DC. All you need to do, George, is stop the spending. Stop the spending now on the thousands of pork barrel projects here at home and everywhere else in the world. Pork will not help you this time. You must get out the cutting knife and start cutting from abroad, then start cutting here at home. Start first by closing up all but one of your many offices. Your voters really don´t think you´re anywhere near that important. Next, start cutting by eliminating the projects which have never been supported by the taxpayers, such as "obamacare", and illegal aliens,(aka-undocumented democrats) receiving federal money for just "being here". By the time you finish cutting all of the unnecessary expenditures from the budget, you will find that any cuts to programs which have been paid into by the taxpayers, like SSI, Medicare, CSRS are not necessary. And, for Christ´s sake, stop voting to send the millions of dollars to all of those far away places. That´s just wrong on all levels. So, if you want to have plenty of time for your golf game, then just keep doing what you´re doing. Your voters have "had it" with the "System" you have so embraced while at the public trough. If you don´t come around to the correct way of governing us through this mess they will prove it to you next time the election comes around. Have a positive, pro-active day.

  by: shannon853   07/28/2011 02:57 AM     
  for those that can not  
understand my other message. it means get off your asses and send that to each of your so called reps in washington subbing teh name for your reps tell the idiots to stop spending!
  by: shannon853   07/28/2011 02:59 AM     
Aren´t you afraid they´ll stop at the part about "smokey mirrors" because they´ll have fallen out of their chairs laughing?
  by: Ben_Reilly     07/28/2011 03:18 AM     
There are plenty of sources out there that point to bipartisan agreement among economists that Obama?s stimulus plan helped the economy from getting much worse. A few links: 6Bpd4amnTODAnMd7Q

And there were plenty of people who saw the 2008 meltdown coming before it happened. And no, they weren?t all Austrians (though it seems Austrians want us all to believe they and only they saw it).

Some of the non-Austrian schoolers who issued dire warnings include Nouriel Roubini, formerly of the Clinton administration and now in the Obama administration, and Stephen Roach of Morgan Stanley. Roubini in particular wrote about an impending economic collapse centered around bursting bubbles as early as 2004. There are plenty more (here?s a link, )

Finally, the Congressional Budget Office, as its name implies, is tasked with projecting the possible economic impact of legislation and doesn?t make wider-ranging economic forecasts in the first place.

Edit: "We try to be alert to any sort of mega-catastrophe risk, and that posture may make us unduly appreciative about the burgeoning quantities of long-term derivatives contracts and the massive amount of uncollateralized receivables that are growing alongside. In our view, however, derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction, carrying dangers that, while now latent, are potentially lethal."

-- Warren Buffet, 2002

[ edited by Ben_Reilly ]
  by: Ben_Reilly     07/28/2011 03:51 AM     
  Re to Ben  
In my experience, bipartisan support towards any action these days is a dire omen.

I am familiar with Roubini, and a great many "non-Austrian" economists, and surmise that quite often they evince a recognition of valid principles and modeling; this only serves to make the frustration more palpable when these same individuals advocate policy that flies in the face of sound fiscal doctrine. It begs the question - are they opportunists, unethical, or cowards?

"the Congressional Budget Office, as its name implies, is tasked with projecting the possible economic impact of legislation"

And what a bully job they´ve done, huh?

Warren is spot on in his analysis of derivative dangers, and in a free market, we´d see only a fraction of the current reckless speculation. That said, Warren has become quite cozy mopping up the profits enabled by regulation and policy, and is only half the man his father was.
  by: jenkie     07/28/2011 04:28 AM     
What mechanism would the free market employ to prevent reckless speculation? Global banking collapse?
  by: Ben_Reilly     07/28/2011 05:04 AM     
  Re to Ben  
It´s a time-honored mechanism known as subsequent consequence.

  by: jenkie     07/28/2011 05:39 AM     
  Ohhhh boy... Not this liberal crap again.  
Give it a break, Ben.

Over 2 million jobs have been lost on Obama´s watch. We have 2.5 million FEWER jobs than we had the day the ´stimulus´ passed. An economic study has concluded that the passage of Obamacare in March 2010 has cost our economy perhaps hundreds of thousands of jobs while adding trillions more to an already debt-burdened economy, helping address the puzzle of why our economy is having the weakest recovery in any post-WWII recovery, and why so many see our 9% unemployment and conclude that we arent in a recovery at all. President Obama has gone after business, and business investment is down; he has attacked job-creators, and job creation is down; he has undermined taxpayers and producers in the economy, and sentiment and hope for the future is down.

This debt ceiling debate has only underscored everything that is wrong with Obama. He has offered no real solutions, in his typical "lead from behind" non-leadership way, yet criticizes everyone else working towards a solution. He demands job-killing tax increases and is incapable of anything remotely close to fiscal responsibility. And he is completely clueless about the economy and his own role in upsetting markets and putting a ´wet blanket´ on the economy. He threatens default when he knows that in fact he could order all interest on debt be paid from tax revenues and keep the markets steady.

"And there were plenty of people who saw the 2008 meltdown coming before it happened."
Yep. Bush warned Congress 16 times, but the Democrats didn´t want to hear about it because they were too busy hustling the poor and taking advantage of a broken system designed and created by Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.
Let´s not forget the post you love to hate and refuse to comment on (just like Obama´s lies surrounding his mom´s death):

What´s a bigger embaressment is that the other night, Obama *again* tried to blame his failures on Bush. We´re 30 months into his presidency and things have gotten worse since he took office and he refuses to accept *any* accountability for his failures.

Want to know what else is an "embaressment"?

On Valentine´s Day of this year, Obama submitted a budget to the Democrat-controlled Senate... and *NOT ONE* of his fellow Democrats voted in favor of his $3.7-trillion budget. Not one... and the Dems *own* the Senate! Obama´s budget was unanimously voted down, 0 to 97.

He´s never passed a budget and he´s never done anything to push this country in the right direction.
He´s not a President --- he´s a community organizer.
  by: carnold     07/28/2011 07:19 AM     
didnt you see my Bullsh*t episode?

Propoganda: The Ben Reilly Story

Such a political hack...he still cant see that both sides are terrible. How many times do i have to explain economics to the guy? Yet he listens constantly to the people that always get it wrong, and can never see anything about lack of judgement. He must be so insecure about being wrong he would rather go down in flames arguing hes right, rather then realize the world he lives in

[ edited by T-bagger ]
  by: T-bagger   07/28/2011 08:49 AM     
Do you think that a global banking collapse can be stopped? $1.5 quadrillion derivatives bubble know what a derivative is right?
  by: T-bagger   07/28/2011 08:54 AM     
"subsequent consequence"

Kind of like how famine is a great way to keep people from over-consuming resources, right?

Or is this punishment Biblical-style, where instead of punishing the next 100 generations of a family, we´re just going to punish the bank and *everyone who put their money into it*?

People who are already worth hundreds of millions of dollars don´t care what happens to their banks. They never suffer a moment´s discomfort when their banks fail. The same can´t be said for those who put their savings in those banks.
  by: Ben_Reilly     07/28/2011 05:03 PM     
  Hey Robin Hood  
Pipe down Ben

You dont understand what your talking about give it a rest. Iv already explained how/why spending doesnt grow the economy. Your whole economic foundation is ignorant. How can anybody believe what you say, or trust your judgement of who you decide to get your info from. Your exposed

[ edited by T-bagger ]
  by: T-bagger   07/28/2011 05:56 PM     
  @ Everyone  
No i´m not an Obamaphan, I didn´t even vote for him, I just state the fact that he is moving the country slightly in the right direction insted of running in the wrong one like our previous president did. I take back my last statement and replace it with this one: Ichi, Ben, and Lurker are the only ones making sense around here.
  by: incubusphan   07/28/2011 07:30 PM     
  LOL @ ObamaPhan  
Heh. As soon as you get cornered, you put it in reverse and try to back away from your statements.

All anyone has to do is look at a handful of your posts to conclude that you lust for the guy. You and Ben make lame excuses for him every day. It´s like the both of you believe it´s possible to hold a terd by the clean end.

[ edited by carnold ]
  by: carnold     07/28/2011 08:44 PM     
  @ sonofacrackwhore  
I didn´t put it in reverse, nor change anything i ever said.
  by: incubusphan   07/28/2011 11:46 PM     
  how to cut 8 trillion dollars overnight  
Cut black budget projects altogether. Any of them that aren´t finished, they need to be released as open source to start up small businesses that have the know-how to complete the projects for less money than what we are secretly spending for them. Think this is all hogwash? I dare you to read Skunk Works by the late great Ben R Rich. If we cut all black project budgets we would immediately gain back an estimated 8 trillion dollars. We could cut our deficit more than in half, and then we wouldn´t be spinning our wheels on the congress floor about a pesky 20 billion dollars.

Let´s dumb this down:

14 trillion dollars = 14 thousand dollars, that a single person owes a loan shark.

Why piss and moan about 30 or 40 dollars, when you still owe that loan shark 14 thousand dollars? It really makes no sense. Do some serious cuts that will gain you ~ 8 thousand dollars back and save the economy for at least another 10 or 15 years. Then you have plenty of time to bicker amongst yourself about 30-40 dollars (30-40 billion dollars). Just my 2 cents for a country whose government can´t see the forest for the trees.
  by: meshuggahfan   07/29/2011 04:14 PM     
  Re to Meshuggahfan  
Dead on analysis.

There´s only one candidate with the nuts to do this, won´t even bother saying his name...

And finally, Meshuggah makes Incubus look like a pack of Ken Dolls....
  by: jenkie     07/29/2011 04:22 PM     
  thanks jenkie  
Been a proud listener of their stuff since 1997. I always love a band that can blow your hair backwards with a 7/4 timing that matches every 28th measure, LOL!
  by: meshuggahfan   07/29/2011 05:21 PM     
  F#@k yeah meshuggahfan!!!  
Give it up for science! True international super stars, main stream and true to there art like boston in the good ol´ days before i was born. Not like the pop corp. sell out shit you see in the media so very often now days.
  by: incubusphan   07/29/2011 05:51 PM     
was around before you were born? You sure you want to be involved in the act of poo flinging that is political scrapping? Lol just joking, thanks for the nice comment, due to my unfiltered fingers on this keyboard, i receive far less positive comments lately. I´m trying to change that, we´ll see what happens :-D

@ Ben Reilly - Piss off.
  by: meshuggahfan   07/29/2011 05:57 PM     
  Interested in interest?  
If the Feds held spending at this year´s level it would be scored as a NINE TRILLION DOLLAR CUT over a ten year period.

All the while, interest on the 14 trillion dollar debt would become 28 trillion in the same period.

What does a home loan and car loan have in common? Both have payment schedules to reduce the principal amount to zero.

None of these debt proposals have that type of payment schedule to bring our National debt to zero.

Rule one of debt reduction is stop obtaining new debt. (no brainer, huh?)

So, stop raising the debt ceiling. Stop borrowing just to give money to the UN, to countries that hate us and growing government.
  by: Mr.Science   07/29/2011 10:44 PM     
  @ Mr. Science  
Great post, why is it so hard for the GOP to understand that you can´t borrow your way out of debt?!!?!! Stop spending money on things we don´t need and start paying off the nation´s debt, not borrow more money!!!! Jeez, it´s not rocket science!
  by: incubusphan   07/30/2011 08:21 AM     
Eat me.
  by: Ben_Reilly     07/30/2011 10:23 AM     
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