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                 10/02/2014 12:27 PM  
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08/01/2011 04:30 AM ID: 90296 Permalink   

Stamps Edge Riders, Keep Perfect Road Record


Week 5 of the CFL season continued yesterday and the last game of the week saw the Calgary Stampeders defeat the Saskatchewan Roughriders by a score of 22-18 in Saskatchewan. The Stampeders are 3-2-0 while the Roughriders are 1-4-0.

Burris got a touchdown and Paredes got 4 field-goals and a single for the Stampeders. Durant and Dressler got a touchdown each and Johnson got a field-goal and a single for the Roughriders.

In week 6 the Stampeders will play the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in Calgary on August 6th, while the Roughriders will travel to B.C. to play the Lions on August 5th.

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