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                 04/21/2014 06:33 AM  
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08/03/2011 09:00 AM ID: 90323 Permalink   

Tourism in Mexico Not Affected by Drug Cartel Violence


Despite the violence caused by drug cartels in Mexico, the country´s tourism industry flourishes. From January to May 2011, tourism increased 2.1 percent compared to the first five months of 2010.

Some of the tourists come from the U.S., as the Department of Commerce reported that although fewer Americans travel abroad, more of them visit Mexico for holidays. Tourists from Russia, Bazil and China have also increased.

Mexican tourism authorties claim that 98 percent of tourists who come to Mexico want to come back and 99 percent recommend the country as a holiday destination.

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  When we  
went down for a holiday get away they told us not to leave the hotels alone. We went out on a tour and 3 special forces / private contractor types came along on the tour of about 30 people. I could clearly see two of them had Sub-machine guns they were carrying under their jackets. All 3 had GLOCK´s too. I know guns, I know an HK MP5K 9mm sub-gun when I see one. I said something to one of the guys, private contractors hired for personal security. I guess they had some kidnapping issues down there of America´s. Turns out the hotel and resort kept them on staff.

[ edited by kristmen ]
  by: kristmen   08/04/2011 02:30 PM     
  isn´t that sad  
that you have to have armed guards on a tour just because drugs are illegal?
  by: John E Angel     08/05/2011 12:10 AM     
armed guards can´t stop flying bullets from hitting ya .. suree they might be able to stop what? 10 to 15 dudes rolling up on ya with gunfire all of a sudden? hell when it´s all over, will you be one of the lucky survivors? wanna gamble those odds?

[ edited by key2000 ]
  by: key2000     08/06/2011 06:27 AM     
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