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                 04/24/2014 10:15 PM  
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08/03/2011 09:48 AM ID: 90325 Permalink   

Barclays Cuts 1,400 Jobs


Barclays announced that it will cut 1,400 jobs in the second half of this year. In the announcement, a spokesperson also said that the profit for the first six months 2011 went down by a third.

Barclays already cut 1,400 jobs in the first half of the year, reducing its employees from 147,500 to 146,100. "I would expect the trend in the first half to continue. I think it would be likely to increase somewhat," CEO Bob Diamond said.

Pre-tax profits fell for Barclays Capital (investment banking arm) and its credit card arm likewise.

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  No Need to worry  
Layoffs are becoming the norm all around the world. They shouldn´t feel like the Lone Ranger. Of course we don´t need to worry about layoffs in the States anymore. Obama said he is on it... AGAIN.

[ edited by hellblazer ]
  by: hellblazer     08/04/2011 03:54 AM     
  Summer of Recovery?  
What recovery?
  by: Mr.Science   08/04/2011 08:36 PM     
If present rates of immigration and fertility continue, our population, now in excess of 269 [as of December 2004, 294 million], will pass 400 million by the year 2055, with no end to growth in sight! Over the last two years Negative Population Growth, Inc. has conducted the most significant study ever made of optimum population size. Under the able leadership of editor Lindsey Grant, NPG published a series of 15 papers on optimum population size, written by experts in various fields.
Too many people to little jobs
  by: Fancyod   08/13/2011 08:42 AM     
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