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                 02/22/2018 05:57 AM  
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08/12/2011 12:17 PM ID: 90459 Permalink   

Dow Jones Jumps Up 423 Points


Good news for the financial market. All 3 stock market indexes ended high on Thursday after positive labor market news.

The Dow Jones INDU surged 423 points (3.9 percent) and closed at 11,143. The S&P 500 jumped up 51 points (4.6 percent) and the Nasdaq ended 111 points (4.7 percent) higher than at opening.

However, even with positive news the indexes have gone down this week.

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  by: t-bagger   08/12/2011 08:29 PM     
  Dow up another 112 today  
... and trading volume drastically lower.
  by: Ben_Reilly     08/12/2011 10:00 PM     
  Here´s some news  
most stocks are worth less today than they were in 2008.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   08/14/2011 12:08 AM     
  more stimulus spending  
The expectation of more stimulus spending (QE3) is the reason for this increase.

  by: Mr.Science   08/15/2011 10:07 PM     
  LOL - Flip-Flop  
It bounces back and forth according to the latest scare tactic in the media.

Stocks surge on this or that announcement or expectation ...

Stocks dive on fears of this or expectation ...

etc, etc, etc, yawn,

As of 12 Aug: Jumps 423 Points
As of 18 Aug: Drops 419.63 Points

Thu Aug 18:
The stock market took another pounding Thursday, with the widely watched Dow Jones Industrial Average shedding 419.63 points

It´s a daily game of media motivated ping-pong.

  by: DeepSand   08/19/2011 03:15 AM     
I believe today was the markets reaction to Chavez wanting his gold back...things will get very interesting as i believe the run on bullion has begun...fractional bullion banking, huge gains to be made. JP Morgan will start panicking

[ edited by T-bagger ]
  by: T-bagger   08/19/2011 05:18 AM     
The price of gold is an index to confidence in the state of the economy.

As an economy becomes unstable and approaches collapse, gold approaches greatest value.

Looks like the new and improved recession v2.0 is approaching.

The US also discovered a new deposit of Black Gold in the Gulf of Mexico. Prepare for the oil wars to get at it.

[ edited by DeepSand ]
  by: DeepSand   08/19/2011 05:40 AM     
"The price of gold is an index to confidence in the state of the economy."

Thats what people say that dont buy gold. People who do buy gold know that its money

[ edited by T-bagger ]
  by: T-bagger   08/19/2011 08:16 AM     
Is a ridiculous Keynesian idea as part of its cult religion on how macro works. It gets shoved down the students throat when they are brain-washed into their cult

"careful, dont want to spook them" lol

[ edited by T-bagger ]
  by: T-bagger   08/19/2011 08:42 AM     
  @ T-bagger  

Yes. I know. I think they all say that, regardless. But it´s true.

When the economy stagnates, that´s when the gold rush accelerates. But by the time that happens, the price of gold is in the stratosphere and only the wealthy can afford it.

That´s why it´s a good index. When a currency fails, gold is the universal currency.

Keynesian economics is no longer (if it ever was) valid.

Many of these economists the government listens to are supposedly award winning economic "experts". The Three Stooges could do a better job!
What did they ever do for us worthy of an award? It´s their theories that appear to be destroying many of the world´s economies - not improving it.

[ edited by DeepSand ]
  by: DeepSand   08/19/2011 06:43 PM     
I like your view. Im going to PM you some stuff later
  by: T-bagger   08/19/2011 07:41 PM     

I´ll check back later.

  by: DeepSand   08/19/2011 10:41 PM     
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