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                 02/24/2018 10:44 PM  
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08/23/2011 05:46 PM ID: 90622 Permalink   

Report: Alarmism Over EPA Coal Regulations is Unwarranted


The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service says utility industry claims that EPA regulations are poised to create an economic "train wreck" are overblown in a new report. The EPA hasn´t proposed or finalized many of the regulations.

Because of that, industry-sponsored research studies suggesting upcoming economic harm "effectively underestimate the complexities of the regulatory process and overstate the near-term impact of many of the regulatory actions."

Republicans and a few Democrats have joined an effort to obstruct the passage of the new rules. But the nonpartisan CRS says the public health benefits would outweigh the costs, and that the industry reports aren´t based on reality.

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ya, ok
  by: t-bagger   08/23/2011 06:07 PM     
  @ T-bagger  
"Pfff ya, ok" Great argument.
  by: incubusphan   08/23/2011 06:31 PM     
  Train Wreck  
The reason the CRS says that expectations are overblown. Is BO cannot wreck a train that is already off the tracks.

CRS is telling us Don´t Worry Be Happy...and later "We will have Cake."

...The economy can´t get worse.

Another lie is that health benefits out weight the costs...of the increase in electrical power.

The cost of everything will go up caused by a decrease in electricity.

This is Econ 101 stuff.
Supply vs. Demand.

Simple example: The grocery store has an increase in the cost of electricity. They pass this on by increasing prices on milk, meats, etc.

This hurts those on the lower end of the economic rungs - The Poor.

People like Warren Buffet do not care if a gallon of milk is $3.00 or $5 or $10 a gallon.

The Progressive policies of BO hurt those whom he claims he wants to help.
  by: Mr.Science   08/23/2011 08:42 PM     
to get rid of the EPA! soon nothing canbe done due to regulations and all work will go overseas!
  by: shannon853   08/23/2011 11:08 PM     
Do you support this?

If you do, you have already regulated away your economy, this will just make it worse.

Wait your the psychologist arnt you? Why dont you stick to what you know best and stop destroying your country
  by: T-bagger   08/23/2011 11:56 PM     
get rid of EPA and environmental regulations. Let them pollute freely, who cares about the consequences to nature? We only after all all depend on it.
  by: Kaleid   08/24/2011 12:15 AM     
free asbestos and ddt for everyone!
  by: conflictdiamond   08/24/2011 12:21 AM     
It´s what´s for dinner.
  by: incubusphan   08/24/2011 12:24 AM     
Please provide any actual evidence that regulation hurts the economy because looking at world economies right now. I can name several example that show the opposite to the Lie you keep touting.
  by: veya_victaous     08/24/2011 12:27 AM     
  Nice Propaganda, This is a Blog Post  
I actually just wrote a story about this yesterday, except it was actual news and not blogged propaganda.

It also was a -- new -- news story from the 21st of August and not a biased blog post from the 18th.

This is a summary of someone´s blog post. Put this in the Soft news category at least Ben. It´s going to mislead many people.

Here´s the story I wrote yesterday:

Here´s the actual news source which covers everything here (not a blog post):

As it can be seen, my source says the same things in a balanced manner, not in a heavy-handed pro EPA manner like "The Hill´s" blog post does.

  by: Questioning_Answers     08/24/2011 01:25 AM     
  @veya_victaous - Seriously?  
It took me a few minutes to find it again, but besides simple logic, here´s a video on how economically destructive regulations can be.

The Vanishing Entrepreneur

  by: Questioning_Answers     08/24/2011 01:37 AM     
  yeah right  
That´s why there is fracking everyone in the country even though it harms the water for so many people. The rich get what they want.
  by: Kaleid   08/24/2011 01:53 AM     
U mad?
  by: Ben_Reilly     08/24/2011 03:11 AM     
Great video,

Boy aint that the truth. The common man doesnt realize the full cost of business. If only people would realize the increased purchasing power of their money if all this crap went away. Prices would fall

But the Socialist will keep piling it on. Then when prices rise & unemployment rises, they blame the rich for being greedy and not creating jobs. Cant make this stuff up. It a vicious cycle of economic ignorance, fueled by populist politicians.
  by: T-bagger   08/24/2011 03:13 AM     
No and I suppose I could ask you the same thing, now couldn´t I?

Are you mad that a balanced shortnews story was created?

Did it irk you so much so that you had to use an old blog post as a source to get your opinion across?
  by: Questioning_Answers     08/24/2011 03:35 AM     
Why don´t you just move to China?
  by: H. W. Hutchins   08/24/2011 03:41 AM     
  @ ben  
can u put ur initials in front of articles u write from now on. so i don´t have to waste my time reading you biased opinion it´s so annoying
  by: Devil Duck     08/24/2011 04:14 AM     
ALL work will go overseas? I would think you should be happy about this. After all, according to you, all the Mexicans you think are stealing your jobs will then be overseas. And how can Mexicans steal your welfare and indigent health care when they´re overseas?

This should be good news to you.
  by: silencedmajority   08/24/2011 06:25 AM     
  How´s this for pondering  
Some businesses may follow the coal to China, as they can purchase steel from a local source, pay for electricity from a local source, pay lower taxes...

BO and other Progressives better wake up before they are the only ones left. Then who would they regulate and tax?
  by: Mr.Science   08/25/2011 12:20 AM     
As usual, one sided claims without regard to the effects of such action.

Even WITH the EPA, corporations kill thousands of PEOPLE every year with polution. Coal KILLS PEOPLE. More specifically, Fly Ash. How the energy companies dispose of coal ash (fly ash) is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL! As of late, there are several places across the United States where communities of people are DYING because fly ash is being disposed of in local landfills.


So while you´re over hear talking about how we need to get rid of the EPA and you really trust what these companies tell you, I ABSOLUTELY DARE YOU to go live in Kingston TN or Pines IN. Perhaps you´d like to build a nice little cottage next to the lake in Greene Penn. (Though if I know guys like you, ... you´ll read this and comment without actually looking up the effects coal ash had on these communities... Because ignorance is bliss, and as long as you can turn a blind eye to those effected and as long as you and your family are not effected, you could care less about the rest of man-kind.)

Don´t complain about the cost of electricity simply based on these regulations. Energy companies have been complaining for years, trying to raise rates while showing record profits. The cost of safety is basic cost that should be EXPECTED. If these companies weren´t greedy as all h*ll, they´d have implemented these safety measures BEFORE people started complaining about these problems. (Trust me, ... energy companies know EXACTLY what the risks are and what the bi-product of their practices can do to the environment and the local population. As long as the dollar amount is always in the green, with lots of zero´s behind it, ... they simply don´t care!)
  by: jeffillinois   08/25/2011 04:30 PM     
  And that´s jeffillinois  
... For the win.
  by: Ben_Reilly     08/25/2011 05:14 PM     
Hey commie,

Nice rant, but do you realize private property rights could solve this?

Socialist/Commies dont like private property, so this is what you get

Keep up the good work while we choke on coal!
  by: T-bagger   08/25/2011 05:34 PM     
Fly Ash is an additive to concrete and has been sine the 1930´s.

Interesting how you complain about "Energy companies...trying to raise rates..." while you´re okay with the Federal Government raising their rates.

FYI: Corporations pass on every tax they can onto us - the end users.
Therefore, if the Federal Government would back off their cost increasing regulations then companies would back off on their increases.

If you think otherwise then think of this: A company makes a product in China to sell it for less than if made in USA. Therefore, price reductions are real not some classroom theory as is Keynesian Economics.

[ edited by Mr.Science ]
  by: Mr.Science   08/25/2011 05:57 PM     
Would you agree that a mark of maturity is the ability (and preference) to debate people with whom you disagree without resorting to name-calling?
  by: Ben_Reilly     08/25/2011 07:13 PM     
being called a commie for pointing out that companies pollute as long as they can get away with it?
  by: conflictdiamond   08/25/2011 07:37 PM     
  ya know  
you used to have some pretty interesting stuff to say. but now its pretty much partisan bs. guess you fooled us all along until your true stance came out
  by: conflictdiamond   08/25/2011 07:38 PM     
Ya i would agree.


i just dont feel like putting the effort in. @partisan haha, not even interested to know why. Im against big corporations. Im pointing out the root cause, not supporting band-aid solutions that end up having the opposite effects is illogical to me, costing you and me dearly. People truely dont understand the unintended consequences of "regulations" &. "laws" it rather deep philosophical economics theory. So it jumps into the realm of "magic " in some peoples mind. If people would study economic history as well as theory and not just accept what they were told in school they will find a different story. I compare ut to "christianity".people just go to church abd accept what they are told and not look at the history. So they spout the dogma. Keynes is like the L.Ron.Hubbard of economics. The schools are the church where they preach

[ edited by T-bagger ]
  by: T-bagger   08/28/2011 06:31 PM     
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