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09/06/2011 04:59 PM ID: 90735 Permalink   

Obama Asks Republicans to Put Americans Ahead of Politics


Saying "show us what you´ve got," President Obama challenged Republicans in Congress to put the interests of the American people ahead of their own election prospects and help create jobs and improve the economy.

Saying he still believes both parties can work together, Obama nonetheless portrayed the GOP as an obstacle to economic progress, and added that more than 1 million unemployed construction workers could find work if we fix our roads and bridges.

Obama said he´d like to see Republicans fight as hard to pass tax cuts for ordinary Americans as they do for the wealthiest Americans and oil companies. Some Republicans oppose Obama´s plan to extend payroll tax cuts.

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  Watch the GOP dig in its heels  
... against any attempt to help the economy. They know the only way they can win next year is if the economy continues to do poorly, and they´re perfectly happy seeing ordinary Americans suffer if they think it means they´ll pull the "R" lever next November.
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/06/2011 05:05 PM     
Welfare jobs is exactly what they need.

Will they ever learn. Why dont they just save themselves the trouble and mail all the construction workers a cheque. At least they wont waste resources

That wouldnt make sense would it?, exactly

Oh those Keynesians
  by: t-bagger   09/06/2011 09:30 PM     
"... the only way they can win next year is if the economy continues to do poorly..."

Lulz. Throw in the towel, Ben. Obama is *not* going to have a second term.

1-in-4 Democrats believe that they need another contender for the White House in 2012. Obama´s support from every major demographic is sinking faster than a bottomless boat. And, more poll numbers were released today. What did these polls show? Well, as one reporter put it:

"President Obama´s approval ratings, much like the housing market, just keep finding a new bottom."

Obama has had nearly 3 years to turn things around. Instead, he wasted the first half of those 3 years trying to push a healthcare bill that the majority of Americans didn´t want.
He also passed a "stimulus" (air quotes) bill that didn´t do squat. It was supposed to create shovel-ready jobs (that didn´t exist) and be used towards roads, bridges, and infrastructure projects.

So... what´s his new plan? Per your summary, he´s saying that "more than 1 million unemployed construction workers could find work if we fix our roads and bridges."

Is this déjà vu? Or didn’t we already try this plan and watch it fail?

The problem with Obama is that he’s led by an ideology (Liberalism) that doesn’t mesh with reality. He tried the plan, it didn’t work, so what does he do? He resurrects a failed plan and insists it’s going to work! OMG! Einstein’s famous saying describes this best: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Vote ABO in 2012!
  by: carnold     09/06/2011 10:31 PM     
  BO psychosis  
BO, the idiot, is in full campaign mode running for another term in the "super cool" black buses. (what a joke he is)

He is the one who is putting his re-election ahead of the American People.

He is the one on the same stage as Jimmy Hoffa calling for War, which the DNC refuse to condemn.

Civility, we don´t need no stickin´ civility.
  by: Mr.Science   09/06/2011 11:44 PM     
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/07/2011 12:10 AM     
  Good for Obama  
Now all he has to do is start practicing what he preaches and we should be in good shape. Obama had two years to improve the economy and has spent more time on vacations then he did on the fix. Now its election time and he wants to appear concerned.. Give me a break... The only thing he did was manage to make it worse and put us in debt .
Both sides of the isle need to put this country ahead of politics. Obama tries to make it seem the GOP is the only ones. He is just as bad as the rest.
  by: hellblazer     09/07/2011 01:36 AM     
Its going to be tough to win re-election with the economy the way it is. The only way i see him winning re-election is if people fall for the phony jobs stimulus that might boost the numbers come election. His jobs program is just like FDR, we all know how that turned out.

If that jobs bill passes, its going to be a long long decade. Its really sad, i feel bad honestly. They deserve better. What needs to be done will be very painful, but this is worse. That the rock/hard place USA is in :(
  by: T-bagger   09/07/2011 01:39 AM     
Obama never put us deeper in debt. The do-nothing obstructionist Republicans did.
  by: CArrion   09/07/2011 01:42 AM     
  I cn xpln it 2 U, I cn´t mk U ndrstnd it.  
"... the only way they can win next year is if the economy continues to do poorly..."

Neither Fox nor Limbaugh are talking about how this ploy works... So there is no way G.O.P. fanbois (and girls) will ever be able to grasp it. The deluge of distracting vitriol they roll around in blinds them.
  by: richie65x   09/07/2011 04:03 AM     
"His jobs program is just like FDR, we all know how that turned out."

Yeah, it rocked some ass!
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/07/2011 04:51 AM     
The Limball just thinks Obama´s purposely tanking the economy because he hates America ...
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/07/2011 05:02 AM     
  he hates America  
Pretty pathetic how that audience is willing to digest this stuff without even chewing.

The less logical, the more likely these dimwits will love it and parrot it. Of course (as seen in many SN threads), asking them to explain or defend it just pisses them off and send them on a tangent hissy fit or insulting rampage.
  by: richie65x   09/07/2011 05:16 AM     
Ya I know, its what they taught you.

Forget about the "Great Depression" part
  by: t-bagger   09/07/2011 05:55 AM     
See that´s why I like having you around; you "know" so many things that contradict just about every book on American history. You´re like a font of bullshit.
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/07/2011 06:19 AM     
  Obama what??  
I have to agree with ben, the republicans will dig their heels in the dirt and refuse to be part of anything Obama wants.

if you ask me its the racist inside them making them do that. How dare a black (ni^^er)man tell them what he wants? this is the GOOD OLE WHITEBOY NETWORK people, and they handed their network over to the tea party.

political parties exsist for 2 reasons.

1. to make the other party look bad

2. to take as much Corporate, Lobbist, and special interest donations as possible to get re-elected

stumbled upon this article that is very telling of the republican agenda.

[ edited by smgordon1259 ]
  by: smgordon1259   09/07/2011 07:41 AM     
"Forget about the "Great Depression" part"

You seem to be made of tachyons, sir. Check your timeline.
  by: zyste     09/07/2011 07:52 AM     
I know, I used to believe the same.

Just like how I broke away from the bullshit of religion, I also broke away from the bullshit that is school(church) economics/history

for others it takes longer.

  by: t-bagger   09/07/2011 08:34 AM     
  @ CArrion  
Sheesh! Do you live under a rock?

He has created nearly as much debt in 2 1/2 years then Bush did in 8, and it isn´t over yet. Just raised the debt ceiling *where both sides sold us out"
Do you know America´s debt is projected to top $15 trillion this year, officially surpassing the size of the entire U.S. economy.

Obama´s National Debt Impact

Upon Inauguration: $10,626,877,048,913
As of Sep 2, 2011: $14,694,862,366,161
In 2.6 yrs Increased: $4,067,985,317,248
George Bush (8yrs): $4,899,100,310,609

[ edited by hellblazer ]
  by: hellblazer     09/07/2011 08:52 AM     
You make valid points but cliches will not save you, Cartman. The truth is no matter who is elected, they will ultimately adhere to the fallacy arguments they nurtured to attain their position of "power" from the start. You can pick 200 presidents and it doesn´t take a newborn to realize it is the system responsible for rewarding the corrupt, selfish wolves in sheep´s clothing, not the glorified middle man/PR stunt double.

Fat faced buffoon, I have a scenario for you. You have cancer and it´s not looking good. Do you cut the tumor out and pray to your God for assistance...
Do you take chemotherapy for as long as it takes and at the risk of losing everything, walk honest steps from the former shell of your old life, but with new eyes to see the world you only dreamed could exist...

How´s that for a cliche, you unoriginal fartknocker? Oh, say hi to your mom(´s urn) for me.
  by: Garbasche   09/07/2011 12:40 PM     
  How about this for change  
Instead of electing the same clowns time and time again with every election, people vote on a 3rd party. NOT the tea party. That was hijacked long ago by neoconservatives and their fascist ilk. Im talking about a true 3rd party.

People in this country are tired of the games and tired of the crap. There is a huge middle ground made up of millions where it would be very feasible to elect a 3rd party and have members of this party in state houses and the congress. People just need to get off their collective duffs.

I fear that it will really take things to get incredibly bad before the apathetic people wake up and try to change things. It may be too late... If things get that bad, I would not be surprised if whomever is wielding power decides to suspend elections. American is ripe for a true dictatorship. We are on a precipice and we can move in one of two directions. Either change things for the better or allow the current machine to take over every aspect of our lives and turn this country into a total police state.

Until that awakening, nothing changes each day except things continue to worsen under the existing plutocratic system.
  by: slavefortheman     09/07/2011 01:49 PM     
"has created nearly as much debt"?

That sounds like rhetoric.


How about ~ Inherited...

Are you presuming that the economy was healthy as Bush left office?

Can you back that up?
  by: richie65x   09/07/2011 01:56 PM     
  The President isn´t a magician.  
It seems to me that the pundits here are ignoring one very important fact: The president can´t just hit a button and fix everything.

The reality is that upon taking office, he had numerous financial obligations put in place by GWB.

At that point in history the bills from the wars were just totally coming due, and the world economy just took a massive crap.

The only way to stop the spending would have been MASSIVE cuts to all govt programs, which would have had a devestating effect on the economy.

Suppose we pulled all troops from abroad, and cut back enough programs and spending to make it a black budget, and take the excess to start to put a huge payment on debt?

The country would then have to deal with the massive sudden rise in unemployment and the immediate drop in secondary industries that were fueled by the govt programs.

I totally agree that the govt needs to get spending reduced, but suddenly dropping it to nil right in the midst of the worst economic downturns in the last 50 years would be stupid.

  by: gbestwick   09/07/2011 07:25 PM     
FYI: There are Progressives on both sides of the aisle.

For example, Hoover raised taxes, people moved their money from the Stock Market into gold. Historians called this cash out the Crash of ´29.

We have not changed for we are doing the same thing as gold soars to critical mass, which will melt our country down to ashes.

Following Hoover was another Progressive, FDR, who raised taxes even higher. FDR by fiat made a law making personal ownership of gold illegal. Then sent the IRS to close the banks and remove the gold bars and coin.
No change there either among Progressives, there are rich guys and banks holding on to trillions of dollars and all we need to do is figure out how to get it. Van Jones

Hoover owns the Crash of ´29 and FDR owns the Great Depression because their policies resulted in a devastating economy.
Not too long ago, Nancy Pelosi gave some "friendly" advise to her Republican friends: Take back your party so elections don´t matter as much do.

If you want more of this poor economy then vote for another Progressive and it does not matter which political party. What we need in another Calvin Coolidge type of President in the Oval Office leading this country at the front not from behind.

That is why people formed a group: Taxed Enough Already. The TEA Party wants to find and elect such a person.
  by: Mr.Science   09/07/2011 07:28 PM     
  by: carnold     09/07/2011 08:06 PM     
Remember that episode when you figured out that smoking pot was getting you into trouble? Time to back away from the joint, my friend.

You´ve joined the most dogmatic economic church in existence, the Cult of Mises. Don´t worry, there is hope for people brainwashed such as you have been.
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/07/2011 08:13 PM     
Speaking of...
Here is how the cult grabs them...
(LGT my blog - with links to originals)

Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult

I first got into journalism because I thought I could make a difference.

Top 10 media manipulation strategies
  by: richie65x   09/07/2011 08:31 PM     
You´re a smart guy, Rich.

...who evidently still gets a kick out of trashy news sites filled with incoherent opinions. I don´t know, we have a sensationalist streak herein. I guess that is more interesting than "preaching to the choir."
  by: H. W. Hutchins   09/08/2011 12:38 AM     
You´ve joined the most dogmatic economic church in existence, the Liberal Church of Denial. But don´t worry, there is hope for people brainwashed such as you have been.

For example, Harry Stein

Richard Bernstein,
  by: Mr.Science   09/08/2011 12:59 AM     

I think we hit a raw nerve.

With nothing else to offer, they wasted no time switching to ad hominem.

I still don´t get how personal attacks surrogate the substance that civil discourse is made of. Though it is very telling of the abuser.

On a lager scale, this same retarding effect is also applied to how G.O.P. is working towards this ideal...

"... the only way they can win next year is if the economy continues to do poorly..."

If they can´t win, they settle for causing harm and call it a victory.

At least Obama is finally calling it what it is - "the GOP as an obstacle to economic progress".

  by: richie65x   09/08/2011 01:19 AM     
  @Mr Science  
Ben´s ideas are similar to the ones working here in Australia.

Your Ideas failed Miserably everywhere. Please stop deluding your self that you are enlightened because your views are so insular as to be completely obsolete in the globalised economy. Your entire Strategy doesn´t in any way take into account that China is now boss, they can collapse your economy at will you owe that much to them. You have to play ball now, your the ones that made everyone join you Capitalist game of monopoly stop whining now your losing and expecting to be able to break the rules that YOU established. The simple reality is both sides of US politics has sold the average citizen to lobbyists and big business and both of those groups have screwed you.
  by: veya_victaous     09/08/2011 01:24 AM     
Sir, take it back or I shall fart in your mouth while you sleep. EDIT - I will sprinkle gold bond medicated powder on my orifice as to make a humorous zephyr of dust that will land ever so gently on your face/pillow. That´s my calling card.

[ edited by Garbasche ]
  by: Garbasche   09/08/2011 09:06 AM     
  If We Took His Advice Before The Fact ...  
Then he would never have been elected in the first place!

Where´s my time-machine?

[ edited by DeepSand ]
  by: DeepSand   09/08/2011 03:57 PM     
  I Have A Dream ...  
an election in which NOBODY votes for any candidate!

I wonder what would be the result of such an odd situation?

  by: DeepSand   09/08/2011 04:04 PM     
  wow, obama of all people!  
for one that places islam above christinity and who makes his illegal relatives get special treatment, he needs to place the constitution ahead of his muslum background! he also needs to place the american worker ahead of illegals by sending them back home so american workers can get the jobs taken by these illegals. what should happen is all american companies be forced back to american soil. that would make jobs for americans. then make it illegal for foriegn workers to do other then farm work. enter here illegally, first time send home second time shoot! that will stop illegal entry fast. stop any and aid of any kind to illegals. to children bornm here all birth certs to be stamped citizen of mothers country. no more anchor brats.
  by: shannon853   09/08/2011 05:50 PM     
What you are really alluding to is that there are Progressives in both political parties.

This Progressive movement based on Marxist Socialism started with former Republican Teddy Roosevelt. The DEMS picked up this movement with Woodrow Wilson.

President Calvin Coolidge ran the U.S. according to the Constitution resulting in an economic boom that Historians call the Roaring 20´s. This boom ended at the hands of Progressive Republican Hubert Hoover followed by Progressive Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The result of these two was the Crash of ´29 and the Great Depression.

BO is another Progressive not a Capitalist that is why we are suffering economically.

As far as forcing other countries to be Capitalist, which ones? Great Britain, and the EU are Socialists. Oh not as hard Left as China but they are not by any stretch of the imagination Capitalist.

Federal Government spending called "Stimulus Spending" is a type of Marxist Socialism called Fascism.

Oh where, oh where has my Capitalism gone? oh where, oh where has it gone?
  by: Mr.Science   09/08/2011 06:48 PM     
The post directed at Ben was an opposite and equal reaction to his post. It was a copy and paste then edited statement he made.

You have no sense of humor.
  by: Mr.Science   09/08/2011 06:51 PM     
  Dem Nuts  
Only a Democrat could think he could spend his way out of broke,this same thinking extended the depression by 10 years.Obama and his ilk are spending our grand-children´s future and they don´t even understand what they are doing it´s sad when your ideology gets in the way of thinking like that!!
  by: wizardB   09/08/2011 06:51 PM     
  But they won´t  
And THAT is why your country is failing!
  by: mcink2   09/08/2011 07:57 PM     
Thanks for the support. Australians and their Kiwi neighbors have the right ideas, while America is being led to hell by the Teahadists. I think I will be switching hemispheres as soon as I can manage.

I´m perfectly willing, at this point, to see the right-wingers destroy America -- it will be educational. I´m not willing to go down the tubes with them, however.
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/08/2011 09:07 PM     
  Ya, like That´s Gonna Happen  
  by: ezreader   09/09/2011 02:32 AM     
Someone said you are a smart guy. I don´t know what that person is looking at because I´m not convinced you can read.

Quote:Are you presuming that the economy was healthy as Bush left office?
Can you back that up?

What did you read that could have possibly lead you to believe I presumed anything about Bush and our economy being sound when he was in office?

Let´s recap so you don´t get confused again or it is your turn to shine, show me what made you think I presumed anything of the sort.

I stated Obama has done nothing to help this economy in the 32 months he has been in office except for put us further in debt. This of course made our economy worse because America´s debt is projected to top $15 trillion this year, officially surpassing the size of the entire U.S. economy.

Then Carrion, said.. Obama never put us in debt. It was the doing nothing Republicans.
Well Carrion failed to mention or maybe does not realize the Dems had total control over the whole show for quite sometime when Obama was elected and also before.
So I posted our national debt amount when Obama took office. $10,626,877,048,913 "That amount was inherited"
What it is now. $14,694,862,366,161 "The difference was created."

How much it increased in 2 and 1/2 years $4,067,985,317,248 As you can see it is "almost" the same amount $4,899,100,310,609 that it took Bush 8 years to CREATE.

So can you explain what the hell are you going on about by asking me to back it up.. Back up what?
If you read with your eyes instead of running your mouth you would have known I did back up what I said.
Now I guess it is your turn to show me how the increase in our Debt was inherited. Can you?

Oh Btw.. Without a doubt Obama did inherit a massive mess but after 32 months and no true forward gain, "I think" it is a little late in the season to be playing the blame game.
  by: hellblazer     09/09/2011 07:58 AM     
Quote:I think I will be switching hemispheres as soon as I can manage.

I knew there was a God.

  by: hellblazer     09/09/2011 08:03 AM     
You claimed that Obama "has created nearly as much debt"...

I read good!

And I read that right too.

Our current debt and deficit are specifically related to the shambled Bush policies related to spending and economic liabilities. Congress had little to do with the application of those policies, and in instances where Congress attempted to stop the White House, they were snubbed and ignored.

Maybe I can´t read... but your memory is failing you if you don´t remember this stuff.

I´ll give you the benefit of doubt there... Perhaps you were simply not paying attention to information outlets that reported the facts... There is plenty of bias and distractions to contend with in that regard.

Your assertion that Obama "has created nearly as much debt" is flat out incorrect. Those numbers you are sharing are accurate, but they represent the progressive decline that was initiated in 2007.

The current administration took the stick of a plane that is flying in to a cliff. And the current G.O.P. is convinced that letting it crash will work in their favor.

The G.O.P. can´t afford another Democrats White House success. After the Clinton Surplus and the Obama healthcare act... They know that the best they can do going forward is to throttle the resources.

History tells the story your collective / selective amnesia is trying to block out.

That said. I am neither for nor against Obama. I AM disgusted by the game G.O.P. are playing. The agenda they swing from is aiming to give this country over to the wealthy. This will not turn out well. A little
French history is all you need to see why.
  by: richie65x   09/09/2011 01:54 PM     
"...the shambled Bush policies" is what BO and the Dems kept to save our economy from further ruin. do you square that?

I´ll guess you damn that high unemployment Bush had of 5.6 percent that BO inherited, too.

Oh, oh and the triple "A" credit rating, too.

The Clinton "surplus" is smoke and mirrors because the National Debt in 1993 was about 4.4T and by 2001 is was about 5.8T. NO SURPLUS but Bill reduced deficit spending through military cuts of up to 30 percent.
  by: Mr.Science   09/09/2011 10:33 PM     
You sure you want to make that move?
(start @ 49 seconds) Then watch Sorry, I don´t normally post youtube videos so take it or leave it.

[ edited by Garbasche ]
  by: Garbasche   09/09/2011 10:39 PM     
Your numbers are off...

While Bush was president... March of 2007 saw some of the lowest unemployment rates: 4.4%. That is much better than the 5.6% you recited.

Ant it started climbing from there.

Prior to that (staying in the current century) January and February of 2001 saw unemployment at 4.2% as Clinton was leaving.

You are saying that keeping the Bush policies is what has fended off economic ruin... The same economic ruin we are in, right? You mean that one?

Find a chart that shows healthy economic indicators from the end of the Bush II era...

You are spouting rhetoric and supplying no facts.
  by: richie65x   09/09/2011 11:16 PM     
The Laws of Physics and the Laws of Economics are timeless; therefore, reduced Government burden on us has the same results regardless of when.

The tax cuts that Bill passed was with the help of Republican controlled Congress, the economy reacted.
Dick Morse convinced Bill it was the
right thing to do and it was and still is.

During the last two years of GW´s second term, Congress shifted to DEMS control and the economy reacted.

Just as the news of BO winning the election on November 4th 2008 and the Super Majority of DEM control of both House and Senate and the economy reacted.

Everything BO has tried to make things better has failed. Stimulus spending didn´t work for GW and it has not worked for BO, either. Therefore, for BO to propose more of the same is just more of the same...failure.
  by: Mr.Science   09/12/2011 05:52 PM     
Well said.

But trying to pin the currently popular dilemma on the current administration is biased and wildly inaccurate.

If only in looking at the tipping point indicators of the economic nose dive... The housing market was starting to show real problems as early as March 2006. Plenty of analysts were clamoring about it back then. The corporate owned U.S. Media refused to discuss it. I say March 2006 because that is when I started reading about it. I started hearing about it reading ´Dalademokraten´ in early 2006... and by June of 2006 the problem was headlining in ´Al Jazerra´.

The Bush administration not only would not address the impending failure and as hard as it is hard to imaging that they intentionally let it fail... It is pretty obvious, that that is exactly what they did. It was intentional.

The crux of letting it fail was timed and coincides with the G.O.P. loosing the White House.

In the end, the job market is being held hostage by the same mechanisms that allowed the economy to fail.

If you want to assign blame... Look at the members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The largest lobbing group in the country (headquartered across the street from the WH) and the party that receives about 75-80% of that groups monies.

The corporate mind set is working to turn the workforce into an unprotected herd that will work for pennies.

For instance:
Ron Paul Exposes the Neocon Agenda
  by: richie65x   09/13/2011 01:30 AM     
Thank you...

The Housing Balloon started during the Carter Administration with the idea that every working adult should own a home.

President Clinton expanded on Carter´s noble idea.

In a Congressional hearing in 2004, Maxine Waters defended Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

The House Republicans attempted to put the brakes on this but DEMS stood in the way of a slow down or stoppage. There is a point at which brakes no longer work; for example, half way down after driving off a cliff.

This just one example of why I believe that too much government aka Big Government only make for big messes; therefore, small government equates to small messes.

It works like this:
Never give a toddler more milk than you are willing to clean up. That is why I have six ounces plastic cups for him and never hand him the 20 ounce cup.
  by: Mr.Science   09/13/2011 05:32 PM     
That ´BIG´ vs. ´small´ government concept seems to have become lost in semantics.

Where BIG government is seen as being to controlling and a hindrance that small government is supposed to remedy by easing up on regulatory measures.

It is exactly the easing up of regulatory measures that began the ´cliff dive´.

In 2002, In response one of the items / laws being worked on and hammered out in 2002 (I don´t recall the act at the moment) the G.O.P. insisted that an item be tacked on to the bill as an act of concession. That rider contained the language that allowed the financial industry to extend themselves well belong a responsible ´debt-to-asset´ ratio... The rider was written by lobbyist and sponsored solely by G.O.P... It´s effects are shown in 12 C.F.R. Part 225.It has since been modified again to prevent this sort of thing from reoccurring

The end results are obvious at this point.

This article does a decent play-by-play of how it transpired.

Take a look...

[ edited by richie65x ]
  by: richie65x   09/13/2011 11:40 PM     
  New Republican theme song revealed  
It´s pretty catchy:
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/14/2011 01:20 AM     
  by: Lurker     09/14/2011 02:14 AM     
You´re one to speak. You didn´t even know what the inflation tax didn´t see the economic crisis you somehow know what´s best for the US economy?

What´s best for the US economy is no more GW Bushs and no more Barack Obamas doing the same things which couldn´t possibly work in the first place.

That means no more stimulus. That means no more corporatism. That means no more wars.

But alas, both GW and Obama enjoy participating in those economically damaging things.

To me, putting the American people ahead of politics means you that you take your political stranglehold off the economy and let the American people grow their way out of our politicians former mistakes.
  by: Questioning_Answers     09/14/2011 03:25 AM     
Funny ... to me, putting the American people first means that when a guy wins an election, you don´t obstruct his every move. After all, the American people put him there.
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/14/2011 05:45 AM     
  Oh and  
the inflation tax is libertarian/kook (it´s harder and harder to tell the difference these days) Bravo Sierra. Tax is money collected from the people for use by their government. Inflation has nothing to do with that.

(Now I have the feeling we´re in for another game of Asshole Semantics, so long as I participate ...)
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/14/2011 05:48 AM     
  Silly Ben!  
Always you with those inconvenient facts!

G.O.P. don´t really care, cause´ the U.S. Chamber of Commerce don´t pay them to care.
  by: richie65x   09/14/2011 05:50 AM     
  Inflation tax  
This is the tricky thing about economics. If one year ketchup is $2.50, the next year is $3.50, and you didnt receive a pay raise, what just happened?

Thats right, you just got dinged with inflation tax. This is the result of "inflating" the money supply with more units. Its basic supply/demand. The more units you have, the less value "each" unit has, your money lost purchasing power. Your wealth was stolen.

Its why the US Dollar is a hot potato right now and is going to lose its reserve currency status. The FED printed the Dollar away. The world is moving away from it.

You can thank big government spenders Dems/Repubs. Did people honestly think there are no consequences to excessive money printing, how do you expect to pay for all this deficit spending? Everything runs on magic?!? The world just gives Americans all their resources/products for pieces of paper with ink on it?!? Lol Keynesian=for the gullible

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  by: T-bagger   09/14/2011 08:13 AM     
Tax is money collected from the people for use by their government. Inflation has nothing to do with that.
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/14/2011 08:18 AM     
"Tax is money collected from the people for use by their government. Inflation has nothing to do with that."

Your joking right?
-"Inflation" is increase in money supply -"price inflation" is the result of "inflation" =government took your purchasing power

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Of course, you´re not the only Austrian schooler to describe inflation as a tax. It reveals everything a neutral person needs to know about the Austrian mindset -- i.e., that taxation is nothing more than money taken out of your pocket.

Austrians don´t concern themselves with what taxes pay for, like education, military and police security, environmental enforcement, public roads and bridges, etc.

In other words, to an Austrian tax is just money that the government causes an individual to lose. They don´t take into consideration the fact that they see a return on much of that payment in the form of national security, being able to easily get from point A to point B, having schools to send their children to.

But if we really are to define "tax" as "money you lost," we might as well call our grocery bills "food taxes" or our cable bills "TV taxes."

Again: Tax is money collected from the people for use by their government. Inflation has nothing to do with that.
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/14/2011 06:42 PM     
  "Watch the GOP dig in its heels"  
You are right, Ben. The leaders of the ´ignorance and stupidity´ party, Mitch the bitch, and John the boner, are ganging up on Obama today. They refuse to allow any Democrat to accomplish anything. I think Obama needs to call in Seal Team 6.

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  by: Lurker     09/14/2011 06:57 PM     
  "They refuse  
... to allow any Democrat to accomplish anything"

The G.O.P. can´t afford any more democrat successes. Events like the success of the Clinton years and finally passing a comprehensive healthcare act... Show the stark contrast of how ineffectual the G.O.P. has been for the last 30 years or so.

More of these comparisons will ultimately further cheapen the G.O.P. brand. (How´s that working out for ya Boner?)

That seems to be the basis for the current business model the republicans are adhering to. If you can´t help, cause harm.
  by: richie65x   09/14/2011 07:17 PM     
"His jobs program is just like FDR, we all know how that turned out."

Are you high? I cannot tell if you’re attacking Obama or praising Obama... FDR´s economic plans dragged the country out of a decade long depression, not only a depression, but the GREAT depression.

How bad the economy at that time? Coolidge saw that crap was coming and jumped out on his golden parachute. Hoover sat around and apparently beat off while the country went to shit. FDR saved this country, and got it back on track. If things continued course we would have been out of WWII before Pearl Harbor.
I personally think anyone purposely weakening America, for political games is a traitor. Some might say “well it’s a busy job, putting up that bridge” well we might need that bridge to move tanks across before long. Money being horded up in a bank only helps bankers and investors, jobs help the workers, the community, the country, the economy.
  by: omegaprimus   09/14/2011 07:41 PM     
Barney Frank pressured banks to change their long standing lending practices to increase home ownership.

Then point the finger of blame at others for the bursting bubble is immature at best all the way to out right lying.

Another example of this redirecting blame is PrezBO. He blamed an earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the Arab Spring, and bad luck for this economic depression only because people are no longer accepting the blame Bush whining he has been doing since moving in at the White House.

Is this standard operating procedure for DEMS? Things that make you go...hmmmmmm.
  by: Mr.Science   09/14/2011 10:56 PM     
  No Jobs Bill yet  
As of Sept 13, 2011, no one in Congress has filed the PrezBO Jobs Bill.

Recap: PrezBO tells us that he will be writing this new and improved Jobs Bill while vacationing in Martha´s Vineyard.

About two weeks later, he wants to give his Jobs speech before a full secession of Congress on the same day as the Republican debate.

Then the long awaited speech was moved to the same day the NFL begins its season.

PrezBO tells Congress to "pass this bill now" and "pass this bill today" yet there is no bill to vote on before Congress.

There may not be a bill before Congress for another week because it is still being written!

PrezBO is a joke and not just a National one but an International one, talk about going Global.

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  News Flash  
The " American Jobs Act of 2011" was filed in the House by Rep. Gohmert.

To repeal the Corporate Tax.

hahahaha, Now PrezBO cannot use that name for his bill. What a shame.

Will this mean that PrezBO will have to give another Jobs Bill speech to introduce a new name of his jobs bill?

oooo the suspense is killing me...not really, just kidding. I didn´t watch him the first time.
  by: Mr.Science   09/15/2011 11:59 PM     
"Funny ... to me, putting the American people first means that when a guy wins an election, you don´t obstruct his every move. After all, the American people put him there."

* Newsflash:

The American people elected Congress just the same. So by your same ridiculous logic we shouldn´t obstruct congress´ every move because they were elected.

Checks and balances must be upheld. Otherwise what you´re asking for is a tyranny.

"Whenever you have an efficient government you have a dictatorship."
- Harry S Truman
  by: Questioning_Answers     09/17/2011 02:15 PM     
"the inflation tax is libertarian/kook (it´s harder and harder to tell the difference these days) Bravo Sierra. Tax is money collected from the people for use by their government. Inflation has nothing to do with that."


Wrong again:

Ben Bernanke: "Inflation is a tax"

Inflation Tax

Reading + Comprehending = Learning

Ignoring facts + partisan politics = Dunce
  by: Questioning_Answers     09/17/2011 02:26 PM     
"The G.O.P. can´t afford any more democrat successes. Events like the success of the Clinton years and finally passing a comprehensive healthcare act... Show the stark contrast of how ineffectual the G.O.P. has been for the last 30 years or so."

Newsflash: Clinton had a Republican controlled congress and senate for the majority of his time in office. The economic surplus generated was created by a republican controlled congress. It was then signed and approved by Clinton.

Both parties were therefore involved, but continue on with your partisan ignorance.

Some day perhaps people will become smart enough to elect based upon the policies of the individual...and not just what party they say they belong to.

I was once that ignorant. In fact, I once hated Ron Paul just because he was a member of the Republican party because I hated Bush so much.

Then I grew some brains and started looking at the individual´s policy rather than the party. So I suppose I could be considered an independent, as I like certain Democrats and Republicans.

It doesn´t matter which party they belong to, the only thing that matters to me is what they do.
  by: Questioning_Answers     09/17/2011 02:39 PM     
I stopped voting on party lines shortly after I got to Ohio in ´89... For that EXACT reason!

"the policies of the individual...and not just what party they say they belong to"

Up to that point I took my grandfathers advice, registered as a Republican and voted accordingly. "Then I grew some brains"

I am pretty impressed by Ron Pauls foreign policy ideals (I´ve read all his books). I´m not too crazy about his stance on abortion et, al,. But I for one am willing to put up with more of that rhetoric if the rest of it can start to fix a broken (corporate owned) "democracy".

I´m not convinced that the congressional ´majority´ has much to do with it... Compared to, say, executive initiatives for instance.

Other than those agendas, congress has proven to be nothing more than a collection of impotent ´Red vs. Blue´ midget wrestling circle jerks that occasionally actually put on a good show that was worth (squeamishly) watching...

´Hey, a law that actually makes sense! What a surprise that is."

The most recent example of a majority being somewhat, if not mostly meaningless is easy enough to see in the Bush II White House...

The G.O.P. held the majority January 2003 - January 2007.

It was hailed and the "New Republican Revolution"
This combination proved to be completely useless... REMEMBER?! Four fucking years of FAIL... Voters saw this and... Along comes the next democratic majority that experienced the same thing then that the G.O.P. is still doling out...

Obstructionist strategies that are damaging and prevent any progress. The G.O.P. has proven that this is the best service they are capable of giving to their country.

~ What is it that Gallager said? "If ´PRO´ is the opposite of ´CON´... What is the opposite of ´PROGRESS´

I´m not really ´trying´ to be partisan here as much as I am trying to look at the history, the trends and patterns that show how well the ball is moving.

I have already registered as a republican so if RP hangs on in to the primaries I can give him my vote there.
  by: richie65x   09/19/2011 01:59 AM     
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