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                 01/21/2018 01:46 PM  
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09/12/2011 04:50 PM ID: 90764 Permalink   

Watching "SpongeBob" Slows Children’s Thinking Skills


Researchers have found that immediately after children watch the spongy character from "Bikini Bottom", they scored significantly lower scores in executive brain exercises compared with children that did not watch "SpongeBob".

University of Washington pediatrics professor Dr. Dimitri A. Christakis noted, "Connecting fast-paced television viewing to deficits in executive function ... has profound impacts for children´s cognitive and social development."

Nickelodeon, which airs "SpongeBob", had a different opinion to offer CNN on the matter of the study, saying that, "having 60 non-diverse kids, who are not part of the show´s targeted demo, watch 9 minutes of programming is questionable methodology."

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  now we know  
this is what happened to members of congress!
  by: shannon853   09/12/2011 05:10 PM     
  That´s not surprising.  
I´ve noticed that professional sports has the same affect on adults. At least, it appears to be so....
  by: silencedmajority   09/12/2011 05:12 PM     
Dumb study is dumb.

The kids were 4 years old, and being subjected to high energy, high excitement versus slow programming and drawing. Obviously 4 year olds are not going to ´switch gears´ that quickly. I don´t see how that makes the children ´stupid´.
  by: velger   09/12/2011 05:40 PM     
  Zero TV  
Would like to see a controlled experiment where some kids NEVER see TV till their minds have developed.
  by: adh1952     09/12/2011 05:43 PM     
shouldn´t watch shows like SpongeBob. It´s mindless entertainment. TV isn´t bad for preschoolers, but it depends on what they watch, how much they watch, and if their parents watch it with them and actively work on the things they saw afterwards. There´s nothing to work on when it comes to SpongeBob. This study doesn´t surprise me at all.
  by: Lois_Lane     09/12/2011 06:40 PM     
  My daughter watches  
Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the occasional spongebob and penguins on the weekend and she is smart as a whip at 19 months.

Maybe it depends how much you let them watch and what else you have them do?
  by: jediman3     09/12/2011 06:49 PM     
The children only watched 9 minutes of Spongebob.

That´s why this study is stupid.
  by: velger   09/12/2011 08:02 PM     
  Hear that, Liberals?  
If you change your TV viewing habits, your brain may still be salvagable.
  by: carnold     09/12/2011 09:12 PM     
Are you saying Spongebob is a show for liberals?

Spongebob, the show that promotes living simply and being happy with minor jobs?

Spongebob, the show where one of the main characters is a money-loving business owner who is ultimately presented to be basically good at heart in spite of his greed?

Spongebob, the show that uses business competition as a positive storyline and promotes the idea that the business owner with the better employees and more practical ideas comes out on top?

What in the world planet are you from? :p
  by: velger   09/13/2011 02:00 AM     
  @ velger  
I have noticed that too for someone that is so vehemently anti communist and pro capitalist carnold doesn´t have a very good concept of what they actually are.
Like the above example One has to question if he even knows what system he is supporting and what each represents.

It would be funny if he was really a liberal but just had the meanings confused (or just is completely ignorant of them) this whole time.

Unfortunately I doubt even if he does change his viewing habits his brain will be salvageable ;-P
  by: veya_victaous     09/13/2011 02:22 AM     
Heck, the show even has Squidward, the faux-artistic lazy man with a huge sense of entitlement who expects to be handed everything while doing as little work as possible, and he´s presented as being beset at every turn and reviled for his traits.

You´d think Carnold would /love/ Spongebob.

[ edited by velger ]
  by: velger   09/13/2011 02:51 AM     
You guys take your Sponge Bob waaaay too seriously.

My son occasionally watches the show. However, I usually keep the television on Nick Jr. It´s a network that has age-appropriate programming for my 3½ and 2 yr olds. It´s entertaining and educational --- and the kids are unaware that they´re learning. My son learned to count to 20 in Spanish and 50 in English before he was 3. Dora the Explorer taught him to count to 10 in Spanish, and my wife and I worked with him on the English counting and 11 to 20 in Spanish.

I don´t think Sponge Bob is the culprit for dumbing down our kids. I think that blame lays on the shoulders of parents who use the television as a baby-sitter and a way to keep their kids out of their hair.

Moral of the study?
Spend more time with your children and their enrichment.

[ edited by carnold ]
  by: carnold     09/13/2011 05:54 AM     
  CArnold bashing liberals...  
Your parents were hippies. We get it.

P.S. - Watching politics causes the same affect on adults, apparently.
  by: Garbasche   09/13/2011 12:30 PM     
I remember my partner once telling me shows with a high words per minute are good for the brain as it has to process all of the words being spewed at you. In saying this Spongebob seems like a show that would have a high words per minute.....Would this maybe have somethign to do with actually taking in all of the information being spewed at you...IE i am 4 i dont understand everything that is being said so my brain tones down a little.....

All just word of mouth and me making assumptions but yeh....
  by: kra55   09/14/2011 01:30 AM     
  Who are you people?  
anyways, I wish I could get my 22 month old daughter to watch TV.

It´d be a pleasant break.
  by: Pozload   09/17/2011 05:31 AM     
perhaps the better question would be... Why the obsession with homosexuals and the spread of HIV?
  by: Silencedmajority   09/17/2011 04:52 PM     
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