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                 04/18/2014 10:05 AM  
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10/04/2011 05:25 PM ID: 90870 Permalink   

McCain Suggests Sending US Hospital Ship to Med to Aid With Injured Libyans


Senator John McCain has suggested sending a hospital ship to Malta or Tripoli. During the senator´s recent stopover in Malta whilst visiting Tripoli, the Maltese Prime Minister had made this suggestion to McCain.

Malta has been treating injured Libyans. This has resulted in comments about overcrowding and long waiting lists for locals. A founder of the Maltese NGO I-Go Aid, who is currently in Libya, criticized the comments as shameful.

As fighting is becoming more violent in Gaddafi strongholds, the International Red Cross has warned about an imminent medical emergency in these towns.

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  I know I often mention this regarding US/Malta  
... but here goes as not everyone knows.

Malta has a population of around 420,000. In 2005, the US purchased 10 acres of land to build a new embassy. The embassy, consisting of 8 separate building, was opened earlier this year.

I had to google as I couldn´t recall how many acres it is and found the following(if anyone is interested in costs and other figures):
  by: MouseJunkie     10/04/2011 05:33 PM     
  if they  
have knives, bullets and bombs to hurt people, let THEM buy the bandages and doctors!
  by: shannon853   10/05/2011 04:45 PM     
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