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                 01/21/2018 07:32 AM  
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10/07/2011 04:20 PM ID: 90887 Permalink   

L.A. Psychic Charged With Extorting $10,000 From 12-Year-Old Victim


Psychic Jackeline Lopez, from Antelope Valley in Los Angeles County, is being charged with extorting a 12-year-old out of the family jewels. Allegedly the young girl was scared by a curse and needed to pay a fee to remove it avoiding horrible things.

In Lopez´s Palmdale garage are cauldrons, chalk outlines, candles and faux skulls where she held her psychic sessions.
In one of these sessions she told a 12-year-old she was cursed and needed to pay to lift it. The girl then raided mommy´s jewelry.

The child is not charged with theft as she is the victim of a scam to take advantage of her gullibility.

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