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                 02/21/2018 02:00 PM  
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11/21/2011 10:47 AM ID: 91095 Permalink   

New Galaxy Nexus Outperforms iPhone 4S


AnandTech has been benchmarking Android´s new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, against Apple´s iPhone 4S.

The results: The Google phone bested the iPhone 4S in early browser benchmarks, but the iPhone 4S has a better graphics chip that easily beat Google´s new superphone.

"The real advantage the Galaxy Nexus has is on the software side. All of the goodness of Honeycomb makes its way to a handset along with even further optimization work," AnandTech found.

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just about everything outperforms the iPaid 4S.
  by: jediman3     11/21/2011 06:14 PM     
Droids hardware is far superior to 4S & could do so much just doesn´t.

My new droid has a 2 year old OS...why can´t I get ICS? Hello? Click.
  by: teapublican   11/21/2011 06:43 PM     
just root it and install the rom of your choice.
  by: ub3rtristan   11/23/2011 04:58 AM     
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