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                 01/19/2018 10:15 PM  
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12/19/2011 11:19 AM ID: 91237 Permalink   

Selena Gomez Cancels Concerts After Mother Suffers Miscarriage


Pop star Selena Gomez was supposed to perform at two holiday concerts this week but canceled the gigs and headed home to be with her mother, who reportedly suffered a miscarriage.

Gomez learned the sad news while attending Power 106´s Cali Christmas 2011 in LA Friday.

It is reported that the concert in Seattle was postponed as OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder has been ordered by doctors to rest his voice.

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  Rumor has it....  
that Selena gomez and justin Bieber both paid her mom to carry their baby.
  by: smgordon1259   12/20/2011 07:42 PM     
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