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                 04/25/2014 10:22 AM  
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01/06/2012 04:52 PM ID: 91340 Permalink   

U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls to 8.5 Percent in December


U.S. employers added more jobs than expected in December and the unemployment rate was down to 8.5 percent at the end of the year.

One month earlier the rate was 8.7 percent and the October rate had been reported at 9.1 percent. June´s jobless rate with 9.2 percent was the highest of the year 2011.

Figures by the Labor Department show that in total 200,000 jobs were added last month.

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  nothing here folks  
just more phoney figures from you know who. the unemployed drops as people loose benifits and has nothing to do with the real unemployed numbers.
  by: shannon853   01/06/2012 06:39 PM     
"from you know who"
George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul - -all the same.
  by: Lurker     01/06/2012 06:56 PM     
  Almost all the figures in government are lies  
Take a look at how GDP is calculated. Its all based on inflation, jobless rates, etc. All those figures are borked and have been for sometime so you can easily assume that this economic mess has been here for well over 10 years but only in the last few has it accelerated this quickly.

For example, in the Clinton admin, the formula for determining inflation was changed. It assumed that when prices on goods rose, people would buy cheaper alternatives to those goods. Based on this one formula alone, it shows how negatively the economy has slumped simply because they no longer measure the same variables. A good example is to say measure ground chuck beef prices. When the price increased, the government stopped measuring that and instead measured ground round beef instead.

As you can see, this formula change literally changed everything. Instead of showing negative growth, it shows positive. Therefore what you see when you see the figures is basically a total lie. In other words, this economy is a lot worse than what the machine decides to let on to.
  by: slavefortheman     01/06/2012 10:08 PM     
  These figures...  
are taken from the number of people who are currently filing for unemployment benefits which isn´t an accurate gauge of the real situation. It doesn´t take into account the number of people whose benefits have run out or the ones who are out of work but just aren´t eligible for benefits in the first place.

[ edited by flatdog ]
  by: flatdog   01/08/2012 06:37 AM     
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