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                 02/19/2018 10:20 AM  
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01/21/2012 04:41 PM ID: 91413 Permalink   

Election 2012: Ron Paul Wins Over Competition at Texas Straw Poll


Presidential candidate and GOP frontrunner Ron Paul has won the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll. Paul won the text portion of the vote handily, receiving 54.4 percent of the vote. Rick Santorum took second place with 15.6 percent of the vote.

Former candidate and Texas native, Rick Perry came in 3rd with 13.3 percent. Dr. Paul also won the in-person portion of the vote with 27.9 percent. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were 2nd and 3rd with 23.8 percent and 21.2 percent respectively.

The latest win by Paul comes after his top-tier finishes in Iowa, New Hampshire, and polls of likely South Carolina Republican primary voters.

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