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                 04/18/2014 05:08 AM  
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01/23/2012 05:05 PM ID: 91432 Permalink   

Cancer Protein Mapped in 3D


A team of Cancer Research UK scientists in Glasgow have successfully mapped the c-Cbl protein giving them a 3D image of the protein which controls cell growth. It is hoped that this new development will provide a more effective treatment of cancer.

Leader of the project, Dr Danny Huang, said "understanding the structure of this protein is vital, if the protein can`t be switched on it is more likely to cause cancer. Cracking the 3D structure is a step towards the cancer drugs of the future.

c-Cbl is key to cell growth but when it becomes unstable, it allows cells to multiple unchecked and leads to cancer. Dr Julie Sharp of Cancer Research UK said, "research like this helps better understand how cancer cells grow, survive and spread.”

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