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                 02/25/2018 06:51 AM  
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03/05/2012 02:38 PM ID: 91624 Permalink   

Rapper Young Buck Unharmed After Being Target in Drive-by Shooting


The SUV of ex-G-Unit member Young Buck was shot at 11 times in Nashville, Tennessee in an attempted drive-by shooting Sunday. A white Chevrolet Tahoe started raining bullets on his car while the rapper was driving past it.

David Darnell Brown alias Young Buck is unharmed but his girlfriend Kenyetta Rainey sustained a minor shoulder wound.

Last year, the rapper was facing jail time after police found a .40-caliber pistol and ammunition at his home. He pleaded not guilty to felony gun possession. In 2004, he stabbed a man in the chest at an Awards show.

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  Thing is...  
When AREN´T these rap clowns involved in shootings. I wish rap would die like disco did.
  by: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   03/05/2012 07:00 PM     
  i got a good one  
back in like ´04 ´05. there was a radio commentator in NYC. it was a rap station and the commentator said, these tough guy gangsters. let´s see how tough they are when their ass is dropped off in iraq.
  by: drk   03/06/2012 05:56 AM     
  haters gonna hate  
stop hating cuz he´s popular enough to get shot at and the only way you can do it was by enlisting..
  by: Rokkumon   03/08/2012 12:57 AM     
@Rokkumon - I hope that was trolling and not your actual opinion.

I have no sympathy for any of these idiots. If your going to glorify violence through your music, and act like that is the life you lead, then I hope it is your ACTUAL reality.
  by: EricS     03/09/2012 04:57 PM     
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