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                 12/21/2014 02:12 AM  
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03/10/2012 03:42 PM ID: 91649 Permalink   

Other Democratic Candidates Win Delegates in 2012 Race


Although Barack Obama is the obvious Democratic candidate for 2012, other hopefuls have made a showing.
In Oklahoma President Obama has only 57 percent of the primary Democratic votes. Oklahoma´s Randall Terry won 18 percent of the Democratic primary vote.

Oklahoma nominees to the Democratic Convention must win a minimum of 15 percent of the primary vote to get a delegate. Jim Rogers comes up shy with just 14 percent of the vote. Other "also ran" candidates are Ms. Richardson (6 percent) and Bob Ely (5 percent).

For the entire nation, thus far, Barack Obama has more than 83 percent of the Democratic vote. Randall Terry is a Pro-Life candidate who ran some "gruesome" ads to garner the votes he got.

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This attorney runs for some political office in about every election:
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