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                 02/25/2018 12:40 AM  
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03/14/2012 04:40 AM ID: 91669 Permalink   

Toto Loses His Bid to Be the Kansas State Dog


A House committee in Topeka shelves a proposal to make the cairn terrier, the breed that was used in the "Wizard of Oz", the official state dog of Kansas.

Sorry Toto, I guess there really is no place like home. Kansas House Bill 251 was not heard and for another year Toto is not the state dog of Kansas.

The Kansas Kennel Club and Rep. Ed Trimmer (D) have been working on promoting Toto and the cairn terrier to statewide recognition.

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  A Little Secret  
Most Kansans hate Toto. Too many years of stale jokes involving The Wizard of Oz have made Kansans bitter.
  by: artfuldodger   03/17/2012 03:55 PM     
  Some Kansas Oz Jokes  
Never ask a Kansan how to get to Emerald City.

Kansas is the cheapest place to travel to; just click your heels three times.

Never ask a Kansan, who was a victim of a tornado if Toto was there.

Little people will never host a convention in Topeka. The munchkin jokes would be too much.

How to get a state highway patrolman mad in Kansas. "Could you please tell me the exit for the Yellow Brick Road?"

The Wizard of Oz is referred to in Kansas as that movie or that damn movie or that f´in´ damn movie.

No one names their daughters Dorothy in Kansas. It´s bad enough that you are born in Kansas.

Worst Joke involving Bob Dole´s losing bid for the Presidency: A political cartoon showing Bob Dole dressed as a witch, crying, "I´m melting."

Then there are some jokes involing Santorum´s win in Kansas caucuses:

“Rick Santorum wins Kansas. In related news, Dorothy no longer wants to go home.” “Looks like Dorothy better buy some aspirin.” “The Wizard wore a sweater vest.” “Tin Man takes second.” “Clearly Romney needs a heart, a brain and some courage.” “Exit polling showed the dog-on-the-roof episode cost Romney the Toto vote too.”

Read more here:

  by: artfuldodger   03/17/2012 04:48 PM     
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