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                 02/20/2018 08:45 AM  
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03/21/2012 05:08 PM ID: 91703 Permalink   

Survey: Most Obese People Suffer From Joint Pain


According to a new report from the government, 58 percent of obese adults reported suffering from joint pain compared to 40 percent of people at normal weight.

The survey also proves that 42 percent of obese adults have some sort of heart condition, such as high blood pressure or heart disease.

Jeff Rhoades, a social science analyst: "People who are overweight have more health problems, tend to be less active, and they are advised by their health care provider to do better."

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  no shit?  
so many idiots out there that thinks that weight has no connection to health and ability.

  by: smgordon1259   03/22/2012 01:01 PM     
  You don´t say?  
I´m an overweight guy myself, and hold no illusion as to why my knees aren´t all that great.

I really don´t know why a group felt the need to try to get some identifiable numbers for this.
  by: doogrin   03/23/2012 02:44 AM     
I agree! This is another one of those "DUH!" research papers!
Of COURSE people who are heavier will experience more joint pain. The body wasn´t made to handle more girth than would be a healthy weight..
  by: Allanthar     03/23/2012 06:20 PM     
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