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                 01/22/2018 09:19 AM  
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03/28/2012 04:29 AM ID: 91738 Permalink   

State Police Arrest a NY Man Stealing a Light Pole on a State Parkway


New York State troopers came upon a man on the Meadow Brook State Parkway who was planning to steal a light pole.

A police press release stated that troopers found William Richardson standing by a light pole next to his van.
When asked Richardson acknowleged he was planning to cut down the pole.

Richardson (45) of Hempstead N.Y. has been charged with grand larceny and criminal mischief.

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I have to defend this guy. I am sure he was a tax payer, who has been down on his luck since 2008 everyones getting a bailout but those who need it. and as a taxpayer he is entitled to take back whats been taken from him.
  by: smgordon1259   03/31/2012 06:39 AM     
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