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                 04/16/2014 03:07 PM  
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04/07/2012 02:12 PM ID: 91799 Permalink   

U.S. Unemployment Rate Slipped to 8.2 Percent


Employers in the U.S. added only 120,000 jobs in March, about half as many as anticipated, as the unemployment rate dipped 8.2 percent, the Labor Department reported Friday.

The numbers are disappointing as economists expected 203,000 jobs to be added in March. Data shows that 12.7 million people are currently jobless.

Obama emphasized the positive elements of the report saying "We welcome today´s news that our businesses created another 121,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate ticked down."

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  Unemployment Rate  
Doesn´t the unemployment rate only include people who have been looking for jobs for 6 months? I thought I read somewhere it doesn´t include those who have been seeking a job longer than 6months. That means each month the rate would go down, so long as fewer people are being laid off than are looking.
  by: veX   04/09/2012 07:21 PM     
Yep. The way they track unemployment is the joke of the Century.
  by: Lurker     04/09/2012 07:29 PM     
like they say "only in America"

it is a stupid method that measures the amount on benifits rather than how many actually unemployed. Other countries (not sure of all but Australia, UK and New Zealand) don´t use anything similar because there is no end date on unemployment benifits.
  by: veya_victaous     04/10/2012 12:52 AM     
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