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                 01/22/2018 12:47 PM  
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06/29/2012 08:51 PM ID: 92212 Permalink   

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Call It Quits


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have decided to divorce.

Tom´s attorney Bert Fields said "Katie has filed for divorce. Tom is very sad about it and is concentrating on the kids."

The pair has requested privacy during this time.

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So, he lost his appeal 15 years ago.
  by: smgordon1259   06/30/2012 02:48 AM     
  A Gay Outburst Coming  
Someone has to do the tell all interview.
  by: artfuldodger   06/30/2012 06:02 AM     
Was South Park right? ;)
  by: Lurker     06/30/2012 07:39 PM     
is she also breaking up with the cult too...

because that could be even uglier then any reaction tom cruise could have... seriously, scientology doesn´t take people leaving their fold very well... they have been known to stalk and harrass former members (after sucking them dry financially usually).

if it wasn´t for scientology i´d not even care anough to comment about this... IMO this kind of stuff really shouldn´t even be covered by real news sources like CNN or even [and it pains me to say this] FOX news and instead relagated to sources like "entertainment weekly" or "E! News".
  by: FreedomOrRevolution   07/01/2012 11:42 PM     
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