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                 01/21/2018 11:34 PM  
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04/08/2013 03:44 PM ID: 93143 Permalink   

Airport Baggage Handler Faces Charges After Stealing $84,000 Worth of Belongings From Tourists


A baggage handler at Minneapolis St. Paul International airport is facing charges of stealing jewelry, guns, watches and other valuables from passengers´ luggage.

23-year-old David Vang of St. Paul took items worth about $84,000 in total. A former FBI agent says it´s hard to stop airport workers from stealing personal belongings from passengers.

"You basically can´t secure bags because of the sheer volume and the movement of the bags and the handlers ability to have the bags where no one´s watching him at any given time," Brad Garrett says.

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  Question.: how did he steal guns?  
they do not allow guns in baggage on airplanes.
  by: smgordon1259   04/09/2013 02:09 PM     
One of those news shows like 60 Minutes did a story years ago about airline employees stealing from luggage. A passenger on a plane waiting at the gate saw an employee out the plane´s window rifle through luggage as he was loading it on the plane. He was seen in security cam footage at the end of his shift leaving with a large garbage bag full of stuff. He was carrying it like it was Santa Clause´s sack over his shoulder. Most luggage at that time, even if you locked it, one key opened ALL luggage. All the locks were the same, so they were useless. The operators of the airport don´t seem to care. They have done very little to stop this kind of thing.
  by: Lurker     04/09/2013 02:29 PM     
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