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                 11/01/2014 02:12 PM  
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08/22/2001 12:08 PM ID: 9634 Permalink   

Macy Gray has difficulties buying drugs


Macy Gray said that she loves getting out of her mind and confessed that she is using marijuana.

But the singer has one problem. Everytime she goes out to buy the drug, people recognize her on the street, want to take picture of her or ask her for an autograph.

She says "I'm a big fan of being out of your mind sometimes. You can have a lot of revelations."

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  i like the news  
BUT will you ever write you own??? in your own words?
  by: kriz   08/22/2001 12:23 PM     
  ever ????? :(  
When the news is too short sometimes it is too difficult to change the news completely....if i changed it too much it could have given us different message. But i will try, so you will not have to write EVER, which means that i NEVER wrote a proper news.
  by: Keith     08/22/2001 12:38 PM     
  what are you going on about?  
okay, you have changed a few words and some of the sentences slightly, but certainly you haven't written a summary.
I understand that a news of this length can't be summed up properly.
I'm sorry. Just forget what i've written before.
and about the 2nd part of your message: i don't know what you want to say, but it sounds like you are accusing me of never ever writing or having written news.
I'm sorry, this is a news community, and everybody does what they can, i thought.
If I only feel like reading news and if i submit one only every now and then I don't want to be told that I'm therefore are not allowed to criticise other people for doing what they do.
Maybe I just don't like beeing YELLED at... I'm sorry but being addressed in upper case letters gets me annoyed and angry quickly.
  by: kriz   08/23/2001 12:06 PM     
i am not yelling at you, i am not accusing that that you do not write, the second part of the message meant that i will try to improve my news. Your first comment incuded word ever, if i ever write my own news,it can also be understood that you want to say that i never wrote a news in my own words.
Sorry for the missunderstanding. :) Keith
  by: Keith     08/23/2001 12:15 PM     
  shut up  
and quit bitching about that, chill out
  by: lostinthecrowd   06/28/2002 02:27 AM     
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