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                 02/21/2018 01:47 PM  
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08/27/2001 05:18 PM ID: 9834 Permalink   

Graphology Vital In Recruiting Process


In both France and the Netherlands most companies consult a graphologist before they employ someone. Some people say the handwriting analysis can reveal a lot about your character, although other tests, eg. psychometric testing, is more reliable.

There is no scientific evidence that graphology works, although some people consider it "astonishingly accurate."
Therefore in Britain no more than 10% of all companies test their employee's handwriting, although in France it is more like 60%.

The idea behind the writing-analysis is that "writing is formed according to impulses from the brain via the nervous system and muscles in your hand.
"Like a seismograph needle, the pen detects and transmits unseen tremors..."

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my news has been changed.
that's okay, but as it is now, i'm not able to understand it, and i would like to kinda recognise it with the same content when i read it the next day.
i don't really know, what i had written, because i cant see it anymore,
but i wanted to say that there is not any scientific evidence, so maybe "no" would be better than "not"... whatever, ill block it, it's shit as it it now, and it doesn't make sense, and i can't be bothered to rewrite it.
anyway, thanks for trying to make it better.
  by: littleLudmila     08/28/2001 01:07 PM     
  I don't  
understand your comment.

I did change your news, because it didn't make sense the way it was written. Now it is correct, and I also wrote you and told you how it looked before, and why it was changed. Unless you are talking about some other change, which I didn't see in the change log?

In any case, I've now changed the 'not' to 'no,' which I think does make even more sense than before :)

  by: Chara     08/29/2001 09:21 AM     
  yeah yeah  
of course it is understandable now because we rewrote it yesterday.

After you had changed it it didn't make sense at all, and as far as i know it was okay before you had made it "better."

But don't worry, generally you do a great job.
So Im not angry at you ... normally you are very helpful and you criticism is always quite constructive. something like what you did here can happen and Im sure it was not on purpose.

and after all everybody else is not as busy and stressed as you are, so we really don't mind rewriting news!

have a fun day!

  by: littleLudmila     08/29/2001 09:44 AM     
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