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                 02/23/2018 10:41 PM  
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08/31/2001 10:13 AM ID: 9997 Permalink   

East Timor Wants To Take Boat People


East Timor's foreign minister has said, that he would expect Australia to help the refugees on board the Norwegian ship that is still drifting off the Christmas Island. As Australia won't let them in he offered shelter for them.

East Timor is one of the poorest nations but very grateful for the international help they received against Indonesian forces. They feel obliged to help those refugees now although it is hardly possible for them.

Meanwhile NZ has offered asylum to some refugees.
Australia which is very stubborn when it comes to illegal immigrants ignores that they could help most easily. Maybe the "internationalisaton" of the problem will solve it.

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  )-: internationalisation does not mean improvement  
i find it very sad that a nation where people don't even have shelter for themselves has to offer shelter for those refugees. And it's the only one. Why do only the poorest understand what it means to be prosecuted, to be without a home and that these people need help? That they don't enjoy being on this boat? Why does it have to get to this point?
How can we watch it and think it's great, that there's a challenge that has to be solved internationally...
how horrible is it to leave them on this boat?
I can only hope that this case can open at least some people's eyes for what it means to come from a country like Afghanistan and then be refused any help.
Or is "the public opinion" one without a conscience?
  by: littleLudmila     08/31/2001 06:31 PM     
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