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           01/19/2018 09:50 PM  
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Now you can get the most recent news as an RSS feed!

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a standardized format for exchanging messages. With the help of so-called "RSS Reader" software those messages can be viewed.

With RSS feeds it is possible to gather the most recent information from a group of websites you normally have to visit individually (often realizing that there isn't actually anything new on some of those pages). You don't have to actually visit all of those websites but let your RSS reader or "RSS aggregator" do this for you. The software collects the RSS feeds from each site and lists the headlines of new items for you. By clicking on one of those headlines you are instantly taken to the page you want to see.

What do I need to use RSS?

To be able to use the ShortNews RSS feeds you need "RSS reader" or "RSS aggregator" software. There are so many applications that can be used to display RSS feeds that we cannot really go into detail here, just do some googling, and you will certainly find an application that suits your needs...

What this means for you: You alwas get up to 10 of the most recent ShortNews headlines directly onto your desktop without actually having to visit the ShortNews website!

Available feeds:
Current Events
High Tech
Society and Culture

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