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                 02/11/2016 03:21 AM  
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British Businessman Sells Fresh Air to the Chinese
Police Mistakenly Release Murder Suspect
Squirrel Causes Power Outage in Tulsa
Pentagon Releases Hundreds of Abu Ghraib Torture Photos
Tattoo Parlors Offer Free Ink for Trump and Sanders Fans
California Man Sues McDonald´s Over Their New Mozzarella Sticks
MTV and BMX Star Dave Mirra Dead of Suspected Suicide
Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Explosion Tears Gaping Hole in Its Side
Florida Woman Pulls Over Police Officer, Confronts Him for Speeding
Dolphin Photobombs Maternity Picture
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05:47 PM
France Launches Massive Airstrikes Against IS Sites After Terrorist Attacks dolcevita 358
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
07:40 AM
Introducing Gilles Peterson, International DJ rachealhoward 1.098
no assessment yet...
06:06 PM
Man Falls 400 Feet Over Edge of Grand Canyon dolcevita 1.130
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
11:07 AM
NSA Tracks 5 Billion Cellphones Daily ebony 2.840
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
09:33 PM
Veteran Theatre Owner Refuses to Show Jane Fonda Movie, Still Considers Her a Traitor Katieay 2.963
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
11:26 AM
NSA Surveillance Program Extended by Court dolcevita 2.414
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
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02/10/2016 01:53 PM
valkyrie123 receives 20 Points for Comment about 'British Businessman Sells Fresh Air to the Chinese'
02/10/2016 12:11 PM
dolcevita receives 100 Points for News Submission of 'Trump, Sanders Win New Hampshire Primaries'
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