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                 07/31/2015 09:26 PM  
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Scissors Found in Store-Bought Cake
Florida Family Finds $1 Million in Gold From Sunken Spanish Ship
Santa Cruz: Body of Missing Girl Found
Mystery Pooper Targets Golf Course Holes
Animal Rights Activists Free More Than 5,000 Minks
Whitney HoustonĀ“s Daughter, Bobbi Kristina, Dies
Massacre in Oklahoma: Teen Brothers Kill Parents and 3 Siblings
Florida: Youngest Convicted Murderer in the U.S. to Be Released From Jail
Fake Cancer Doctor Charged Patient $2,000 for Dirt Bag
Leader of al-Qaeda Syria Killed in U.S. Airstrike
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06:06 PM
Man Falls 400 Feet Over Edge of Grand Canyon dolcevita 711
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
11:07 AM
NSA Tracks 5 Billion Cellphones Daily ebony 2.292
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
09:33 PM
Veteran Theatre Owner Refuses to Show Jane Fonda Movie, Still Considers Her a Traitor Katieay 2.407
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
11:26 AM
NSA Surveillance Program Extended by Court dolcevita 1.899
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
06:13 PM
Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Maryland House and Senate vex 2.921
Newsquality: GOOD
04:09 PM
Kurds Call for Ceasefire zephan 2.281
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
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07/31/2015 11:12 AM
edie receives 100 Points for News Submission of '"Very Aggressive" Turkey Terrorizes University of Michigan Campus'
07/31/2015 10:41 AM
edie receives 100 Points for News Submission of 'Morrissey Says He Was Sexually Assaulted by TSA Agent at SFO'
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