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                 01/28/2015 03:09 PM  
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Uncle Accused of Leaving 9-Year-Old Twins Home Alone for Months
NY Man Bulldozes Wife´s House Without Telling Her
Drone Carrying Six Pounds of Meth Crashes in Border Town
Tech Entrepreneur Minh D. Nguyen Charged With Murder
New Jersey Mother Set Baby on Fire
Major Bridge Collapse in Cincinnati
Woman Cuts Man´s Penis in China Twice
Florida Police Officers Used Mugshots of Black Men for Target Practice
Bravo Star Greg Plitt Struck and Killed by Train
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02:58 PM
Meteor Blast Over Russia Injures Many, Causes Damage vanillaskye 1.383
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
04:58 PM
NSW Bushfire Scaled Down But Too Early to Declare Crisis is over harhis23 831
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
04:27 AM
Typhoon Pablo Killed 477, 380 Still Missing harhis23 1.452
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
01:47 PM
Telethon for Hurricane Sandy Victims Raises $23 Million edie 1.126
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
03:02 PM
Despite Hurricane Sandy, GM Reports Best Sales Since October 2007 caramba 855
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
11:50 AM
Bagyong Ofel Threatens to Make Landfall Over Surigao, Philippines harhis23 1.611
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
04:20 PM
7.9-Earthquake Rocks Philippines, Tsunami Watch in Effect estrella242 1.806
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
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01/27/2015 04:50 PM
Lurker receives 20 Points for Comment about 'Measles Spread at California Theme Parks'
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