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  lonely in here  
 i just felt i should make this place a little less lonely 
 from: M.I.A.Elite   04/19/2005 04:00 PM     
  stiiiillll lonely...  
 geeze people, dont you have anything to say? 
 from: M.I.A.Elite   04/26/2005 04:20 AM     
  nobody ever thinks...  
 to look in here for messages. :) 
 from: lurker   05/10/2005 06:55 PM     
  You're right  
 I've never looked in here for messaged before, ever! Thanks for the messages guys, you're my UserForum buddies now ;) 
 from: ZCT   05/17/2005 07:24 AM     
  looking for a magnetic card reader  
 anyone know of any? 
 from: opticalillusion   07/19/2005 05:29 AM     
 why would you be looking for a magnetic card reader in my forum? :P
 from: ZCT   07/19/2005 06:20 AM     
  andy milinakis  
 from the andy milinakis show made me..

actually i did it in error, i was browsing forums, and i guess i clicked your name and yours came up i thought i was a general forum when mia said lonely..

anyway my bad nm

 from: opticalillusion   07/19/2005 06:32 AM     
  oh shush  
 we will get here eventually :P and i dont have a magnetic card reader. 
 from: JulesLady   10/08/2005 06:35 PM