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  it seemed lonely in hear  
 so i thought i would stop by and say hi. 
 from: M.I.A.Elite   04/26/2005 04:21 AM     
 I'll bet lauriesman doesn't know about this dark and dreary place. :) 
 from: lurker   06/10/2005 03:25 AM     
  Sure I do  
 I just dont visit it very often :P 
 from: lauriesman   07/05/2005 12:50 PM     
  I visit everyone's contact card.  
 creepy ain't it? 
 from: theironboard   05/22/2006 04:23 PM     
  Hello lauriesman  
 must repel iron boarders, must only acept DarkAngelJGs!
TIB: your comment sounded so wrong *shakes head in dissaproval*

 from: DarkAngelJG   04/05/2007 10:33 PM