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  Boarders will be  
 welcomed with a nice pot of tea and hot crumpets with real butter.

Then shot, twice, in the balls.
 from: Gogevandire   03/26/2007 12:19 PM     
  I do wonder...  
 Where abouts in Manchester you're from? 
 from: dook   04/03/2007 11:53 AM     
  I'm from  
 Tameside, east side of manchester, moving even further into the hills in a couple of months hopefully 
 from: Gogevandire   04/03/2007 12:54 PM     
 I'm from Salford, and i avoided being shot :)

Unusual this city...
 from: dook   04/06/2007 06:20 AM     
  I enjoy...  
 ...Your posts... you are on here doing the same thing I am. 
 from: kuhl   04/22/2007 03:46 AM