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  Threadless Thread Exposed!  
 This forum looked a tad empty.... so I had to spray all over the place. 
 from: theironboard   05/20/2007 05:54 PM     
  Gee ... thanks ...  
 from: l´anglais   05/26/2007 11:29 PM     
  Love the picture on  
 your VC. I'll bet old Bushy washed his lips a hundred times. LOL 
 from: Lurker   12/11/2007 02:27 AM     
  Yeah, I changed the pic  
 Republicans posing as Kerry supporters during the 2004 election! 
 from: l´anglais   01/08/2008 11:04 PM     
 That one is funny.... 
 from: Lurker   01/10/2008 09:30 PM