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  Havana Lights  
 Palacio de Junco nka the Museo Historico Provincial de Matanzas was built for the del Junco family in Matanzas between 1835-1838. It has housed the Museo Historico Provincial de Matanzas since 1980. It is located at the Plaza de La Viga on Milanes Street, between Magdalena and Ayllon streets in Matanzas, Cuba. It is an outstanding example of Matanzas' 19th century houses. Its arcades on both the ground and first floors are reminiscent of the 18th century houses around the Plaza Vieja in Havana. At roof level is a parapet complete with ornamental urns, a typical feature of 19th century Cuban colonial architecture. 
 from: theironboard   12/03/2007 10:47 PM     
 Thanks tibby, I never knew that! 
 from: caution2   12/20/2008 11:54 AM     
  you are welcome!  
 Just using up a tiny corner of the internet cloud to help out fellow humans. 
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