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  Typical "Debate" with Havoc666 (Extended Version)  
 Havoc666: I believe <Baseless Opinion>.

SN User: You're wrong because <Reason A> and <Reason B> and <Reason C> and ...

Havoc666: Your an idoit. I already explained. If you can't see, your stupid. All your reason is dumb.

SN User: No, you didn't explain anything. You stated an opinion as fact. You do not have the experience to qualify you to make such an opinion.

Havoc666: Your a moron. I already explained. Stupid should hurt. I hate repet myself.

SN User: No, you still haven't provided any supporting arguments for your position. All you have done is posted insults and personal attacks.

Havoc666: Your a <Random Cuss> <Random Insult>. I already explained. Is everyone so <Random Cuss> <Random Insult> they can't see I'm right? <Random Cuss>.

SN User: Your position is not strengthened because you can shout obscenities and berate people. If nothing else, it just shows that you have no knowledge on the subject and cannot admit you are wrong.

Havoc666: ... Respect me ... Hate Public Schools ... Hate USA ... Love China ... etc.
 from: nicohlis   05/10/2008 06:30 PM     
 from: keanu1982   07/17/2008 01:26 AM