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  The Anal Probe Tail….  
 All pissing contests aside I shall now regale you with my bedtime story of my, oh so close encounter.

It was a moonless and calm night in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. I was spending the evening with friends enjoying some psilocybin mushrooms and a fat dube whilst soaking in a hot springs, Valley View Hot Springs to be exact. This place is truly ‘Heaven on Earth’ and a must visit for any counter culture aficionados out there. Sort of a hippy nudist colony left over from the 60’s. It is the most enjoyable place on earth to watch for ‘visitors’ from other worlds or to just sit, soak and relax.

For those wishing to visit the springs sits on the slopes of the Sangre De Cristo Mountians, near the town of Villa Grove, about 60 miles north of Alamosa and 30 miles south of Salida CO, the location of many UFO sightings. The valley is well known for its frequent visits from the ‘unknown’ and is not that far removed from a famous UFO crash site in New Mexico. Frequent cattle mutilations are discovered in the valley and investigated with few results or explanations.

While my friends and I sat soaking in the healing waters, enjoying the darkness of a moonless night and the fineness of the smoke, we amused ourselves by watching satellites moving silently amongst the stars. Many of you have never been in the high desert at night and have actually seen the stars, they can be as intoxicating as any herb.

As we sat there enjoying the show we heard a strange sound from down the mountain. It was old people (not unlike me now), an elderly couple probably in their 80’s. They sauntered up to the pool, stripped naked and hopped gingerly in. They introduced themselves and the party continued. Grandpa asked whose bottle of Jack Daniels was sitting on the edge of the pool and we told him it was ours and to help himself. He did, liberally. Grandma came over to the rest of the group and joined the circle in a pipe of Afghani hash, Columbian red and Thai stick. We all imbibed copiously and continued to watch the parade of bright satellites whisking across the night sky.

Then we heard it….the sound of drunken lesbians making their way up the path to the springs. Two very large, very butch, bull dykes, appeared out of the darkness, swaggering like drunken sailors. They ambled up to the pool and stripped naked, a sight not to behold. They entered the pool and popped another beer.
A young and naive red haired British lady with a thick cockney accent engaged them in conversation and asked where they had come from. The bigger of the two said in a very loud and low voice that they were from Leadville, a mining town about 100 miles north. The British lass then enquired as to what they do in Leadville. “We’re muckers”, came the retort, “we drive bobcat endloaders around the mine and scoop up all the muck and debris from the mine and dump it into ore cars to be hauled out to the slag heap”. The young and foolish British youngster then said, “Oh, I do hope you took a bath before getting into the pool”. I thought she was going to be drowned right there on the spot. The dykes took it in stride and were more interested in getting drunk and relaxing than fool genocide and they let it slide. We passed the bowl and everyone got polluted on some of the finest herb I have ever partaken.

Then we heard it….”gurgle, gurgle, gurgle”! We looked over and by the edge of the pool grandpa was sinking beneath the waves. He was so stinking drunk he was headed for Davy Jones’ locker. Two of us grabbed all 80 pounds of gramps and heaved him out of the pool onto the bank. We covered him with a towel to protect him from the night air and our eyes from his wrinkled oldness and we went back to partaking of the pipe.

After about another hour of satellite watching we spotted an exceptionally bright satellite flying across the sky, all eyes were glued to it…..and then it happened. The satellite made a 90 degree turn from SE to SW without slowing down. It was an instant change of direction, not a gradual curve like a plane would make. We all just sat there and watched as it moved out of sight. We passed the bowl and no one spoke. We all knew what we just saw and none of us could believe our own eyes.

The party gradually came to an end, everyone returned to their cabins or campsites and went to bed.

The End.

I am sorry to disappoint those expecting some hot anal action but I knew it would get you to read my story. You guys are really gullible and sick. Now go to bed.

 from: valkyrie123   01/27/2009 04:10 AM