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  A Short Nude Millionaire….  
  Well, I took my sweet time getting here. It’s kinda like my buddy Dubya always told me, “The slow turtle has worms….and we ain’t gonna have worms no more…”, or something to that effect.

I would like to thank all my adoring fans and commend your on your excessive masochism and poor taste. Your support has brought me to my knees with sorrow and grief. To those that loathe my posts and my very existence, I can now die content with the knowledge that someone has figured out that I’m just a mean old demented b!tch in serious need of a gasoline enema. Good on you.

Ixuzus, a “legend” you say, doubtful, maybe infamous and I shall strive to become even more so. Vhan, “smart”, your forgot “ass”, that I would embrace to the fullest. I shall endeavor to persevere and exploit my Alzheimer’s if I can remember where I put it. I shall let my hemorrhoids speak for me because they are usually the closest thing to my mind. Hey I gotta keep my head somewhere so I don’t forget it.

To all you noob’s, speak your mind no matter how great the chance of making a fool of yourself….I hate being the only one, it’s so lonely. If you can’t formulate a sensible response to a post, welcome to the club. And always keep in mind, everyone else here really is smarter than you.

I have really enjoyed the past 300 or so years I have spent on SN, it was much more enjoyable than having a life. All the good parts have petrified and fallen off. May you all suffer a long and painful life. Old age is for the wretched and I’m the Queen Wretch. Thank you.
 from: valkyrie123   03/27/2009 02:00 AM