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  How are you tonight Ixusus?  
 How you be tonight? Great night here in the midwest states.

 from: NicPre   09/27/2009 05:47 AM     
 freezing my butt off. It's about 4 C (32 F for my US friends) with a big wind chill factor on top of that. According to the forcast is should be back to about 25 C (77? F) and I'm REEALLY looking forward to it. 
 from: ixuzus   09/27/2009 05:54 AM     
 The winter's the worst time of the year for me, I believe they even have a depression that they've announced dealing with it. I can hardly wait for summer. In fact, I'm depressed just thinking about it. And it's 75 F here today! Anyway, haven't really spoken to you lately - figured I'd drop you a line.

 from: NicPre   09/27/2009 06:54 PM     
  Not sure how you convert temps  
 But 0C is 32F (freezing point) 
 from: caution2   05/11/2010 12:35 AM