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  Time for another of Grandma Val’s Bedtime Stories  
 When the stretch of Interstate Highway 35 from Minneapolis to Des Moines was being completed there was a mismatch in the North and South halves of the road, so the highway dept opted to put in a section of diagonal highway to compensate for the difference. Now that is all well and fine for the travelers but for the farmers in the area it creates quite a problem. This cuts every field it crosses at a diagonal making it very difficult to farm. It also means half of your farm might end up on the other side of the interstate making for a long journey to get to your field. The farmers were not amused. They fought this for years. In the end the road was built and the farmers suffered and one plotted his revenge. This farmer who shall remain nameless (yes, it’s a close relative) went to Des Moines and rented a Gorilla costume. He drove to within a quarter mile of the diagonal section of Interstate and parked on a gravel road. He put on the costume and headed out through a tall corn field. Upon reaching the Highway he hopped the fence made his way to the median and began grazing. Cars stopped to watch this bizarre scene believing there actually was an escaped Gorilla on the Interstate. This was before the era of Cell Phones so it took someone actually finding the next exit and going to a town to report the grazing primate. By then Monkey Man had tired of the exercise and was full of g(r)ass and he traipsed back to the fence and disappeared into the corn field. He made his way to his pickup and drove home. Now there were dozens of cars parked along the highway and hundreds of eye-witnesses had seen the beast and were frozen in fear and excitement. When the police arrived everyone confirmed the sighting and pointed the direction the Gorilla had escaped to. Aware of the dangers a full grown Gorilla might pose the police rounded up an armed posse and started combing the corn field. Not finding anything they called out CAP, the Civil Air Patrol, to fly over and find that Gorilla before he did any damage. The search went on for 3 days and no sign of the Gorilla was ever found. That’s your story for the night, now sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.
 from: Valkyrie123   03/28/2011 07:19 PM