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 Stop logging in and scoring points so I can take number 10 high score slot away from you. LOL 
 from: Lurker   10/09/2011 03:35 PM     
  He he  
 It´s the only way I get any points these days ;) 
 from: Flashby   10/09/2011 05:38 PM     
 You are welcome to join us at:

A lot of the old SN gang is there.
 from: Lurker   10/12/2011 04:01 PM     
  Forget the invite  
 That place is just a bunch of weirdos. 
 from: Lurker   12/03/2012 02:23 AM     
 Thanks for the heads-up, Lurker. To be honest, I´ve been so busy with work and stuff I´ve not found the time to try it out. It is a shame that there´s no shiny new Shortnews-type community to get involved with. If you come across one, please give me a shout! 
 from: flashby   12/18/2012 10:25 AM     
  Invite II  
 I thought I´d already posted this. We are trying a new forum moderated by Ben_Reilly here:

You are invited.
 from: Lurker   02/12/2013 10:28 PM     
  TY Lurker  
 Just registered and am now wandering the forum, seeing whats what. :) 
 from: flashby   02/19/2013 07:21 PM