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  How dumb!!  
 Don't people realize you're the site Admin and they should be sucking up to you in your forum, not avoiding you!!

HI LOIS!! I've missed talking to you in the last week or two. Why don't you get up at 3am sometime so we can chat in my evening, ok? hehehe
 from: missdeasley   08/10/2003 02:43 AM     
  LOL Miss  
 I've missed talking to you too!!

And you can suck up to me anytime you want ;o)

I've been really busy in my morning time, and now my cousin's here to visit, so I'll literally be putting in the hours here and then doing stuff with her. No cosy long chats on MSN for a while ;o)
 from: Lois_Lane   08/12/2003 01:39 PM     
 You mean all this time i was wasting my posts on xedaps? damn. 
 from: juanito   08/13/2003 12:09 AM     
 slow on the uptake, aren't ya darlin? 
 from: Lois_Lane   08/18/2003 11:12 AM