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Name: Bernard Chung
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Info: I love sleeping.

Although those political test tells me that i am centrist... but if i had to really choose which side i am i would choose left. I hate those filthy rightys simply because the Japanese gov't is a rightist gov't and they are doing everything to hide their sickening war crimes in WWII committed to millions of innocent people.

Secondly, the Taiwan nationalist armies fled Nanking and left half a million to face those Japanese scumbags and as a result the Rape of nanking happened. Whats worst is that the Nationalist army fled when they out numbered the Japanese army 3 to 1 men. FUCKING COWARDS!!!! Then before that the nationalist help Japan to invade China, god damn bloody fucking traitors. and just recently Annette Lu vice president of Taiwan said, that she thank Japan for attacking China. Talk about traitors eh?

NOw tell me how could i ever depend on a rightist government? At LEAST the communist stayed and fought bravely for China in WWII against the Japs, despite the fact that they are mostly untrained farmers, lack of supplies, etc. But they stayed and fought and defended this nation unlike Righist pigs running away leaving their whole family behind to be raped and torture to death!

Now tell me how could i depend on those rightist? Look how filthy they are. Cheap + LOw. I got more respect for the dusk on the ground then the Japaense and Taiwan Rightist.

I won't run away like sissys to any other coutnry and call my self an american, canadian, british,etc. Thats just plain pathethic, these people can never stand up against anything, because they can't even respect their own identity. I have hardly any respect for these loosers aswell.
I will stay in China and do as much as possible to fix the crap that Mao created, and show the world how powerful we can be when we are united as a whole.

FIx you country and make it strong! This is my goal, and this is what i believe in!

As for religion.... yeah sure god ooo almighty is out there.... even if does exist... so fucking what? Why the fuck do i need to BELIEVE in a hyprocrite that claims that he love all his children and at the same time let so many horrible things happen in this world? NOt to mention his name has caused more bloodshed then any other names in history...... his followers has shed the most blood everysince they started all this god BS!!!!! Look at the HOLY LAND JURASALEM..... so much for holy.... that land have been scavaged by war thorughout centuries because of these religious loosers have to depend on a fictional charatcter to find hope.... So much for holy.... JURASALEM IS definetely one of worlds most haunted and unholy land. So what if that god that you suckers are babbleing about exist? It doesnt matter if he exist or not.... he is still nothing but a bloody asshole to me. PROOF ME WRONG!!!! So what gonna bring out the bible/koran/or whatever and quote those nice things inside? Well take the book back and shove it back right up your arse please.... cause throughout history what religious groups have done FAR more bad than good to this world. Actually to be more specific we could be in a new a level higer than we now.... if it wasnt relgiious butt heads threatening scientist like Darwin and many others throughout history. What can we expect, its religion... its their root to THREAT a people... "if you dont believe in god you will go to hell" ha typical religious propoganda BS!!!

ooo you ppl just got to love this line... i heard at my grandmothers funeral....."dont be sad, she is with god now, god love her so much thats why she is in heaven with him now". OK let me see... i punch that guy (my fucking retarded catholic uncle) in his face and kicked him a few times.(although i know i shouldnt do that... but i did this anyway... since he is a religious nut and i know if granny is alive she will understands me, since i am doing the world a favor, beating a religious fucknut up) SO GOD TOOK AWAY MY GRANDMA BECAUSE SHE LOVE HER SO MUCH.... WELL THEN HOW ABOUT ME THEN? I LOVE HER TOO. SO GOD DECIDE TO TAKE HER AWAY FROM HER OTHER LOVED ONES BECAUSE HE LOVED HER TOO. SO IN CONCLUSION HE IS ONE BLOODY FUCKING SELFISH MOTHAFUCKING PIG!!!! FUCK YOU GOD FOR TAKING AWAY MY KIND LOVING GRANNY FROM ME... BECAUSE YOU WANTED HER... YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT FUCK YOU GOD.... IF THIS THE REASON PEOPLE DIE.... NO ONE SHOULD BE MORE DESERVING TO BE BURNIN IN HELL THEN GOD HIMSELF.

I stand corrected.... history prooves me right religion is the ROOT of all evil....