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Info: "Nor is there any reason why the state should not assist individuals in providing for those common hazards of life against which, because of their uncertainty, few individuals can make adequate provision. Where, as in the case of sickness and accident, neither the desire to avoid such calamities nor the efforts to overcome their consequences are as a rule weakened by the provision of assistance, where, in short, we deal with genuinely insurable risks, the case for the state helping to organise a comprehensive system of social insurance is very strong. ... (T)here is no incompatibility in principle between the state providing greater security in this way and the preservation of individual freedom."

-- Libertarian economist F.A. Hayek


"Rep. Paul believes, correctly, that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant word of God and thus it is not the role of God-ordained civil government, at any level, to feed, house, clothe or educate anybody."

-- Christian dominionist (theocrat) Michael Peroutka


Some Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives

* Liberals believe that global warming is scientific and that creationism is religious. Conservatives believe that global warming is a religion and that creationism is science.

* Liberals believe that some standards should be applied at the federal level. Conservatives believe in statesĀ“ rights -- unless thereĀ“s a close election in Florida.

* Liberals believe that humans are descended from animals but should behave like angels. Conservatives believe humans were created by a divine spirit but should compete with one another like beasts over resources.

* Liberals want the U.S. to have the economy of the 1950s and the social mores of the 1920s. Conservatives, vice-versa.